Hackathon with Länsförsäkringar

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In September we invite the best of the best to come together. We are looking for creative minds within data science, business intelligence, web development and service design, all focused on one common goal – to help us save lives. We need your help to figuring out how to use our data to create tools to make traffic and our streets safer. Come hack with us 7-8 september.

Visit http://101hack.se/ for more information.


Hubben cleaning day!

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Hello everyone! Soon the time has come for the mottagning and we of course want Hubben to be as nice and clean as possible. Because of this we in P.R.I.T. will organize a cleaning day now this friday. We will serve lunch for everyone who helps with the cleaning. This is if you help us for more than four hours. We really hope that as many people as possible will come and help as we want to make a good as possible first impression on the nollan.

Date: 16/08
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Place: Hubben, of course.

Hubben is off limits

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TL:DR Hubben is closed for polishing 1-3 July.

P.R.I.T. is performing maintenance of Hubben, and a part of this is polishing the floors of Hubben. This will happen 1-3 of July. Since inhaling the air during polishing and a few hours after is a health hazard, and walking on the floors might damage them - Hubben is closed 1-3 of July (Monday-Wednesday)

Thank You
Smurfull regards - P.R.I.T.

Magic Prerelease Core-set 2020

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Magic again!? Does it never end? Either way, the yearly Core-set is on the doorstep, and DrawIT will as per usual organize a prerelease.

The prerelease is a way to play Magic wherein you as a player will be provided cards on the spot to construct a deck out of, and is because of that an excellent opportunity for old and new players alike to try the new cards on an even playing field.


  • Price: 230 SEK
  • Place + Date: 7th of July @Hubben2.1
    • Sign-ups end at 10:30, so be on time!
  • Food: No, but we are planning to have a lunch break.
  • Anmälan: https://bit.ly/2IB5iiW

Brännboll with frITid

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Hello everyone! Now the time has come for the last event of frITid 18/19. We will be playing brännboll at mossen football field and grill afterwards. Everyone is welcome and no application is required. The food is free of charge.

Time: 17:01 - 21:00
Date: 25/06
Place: mossen football field

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Rust week - Open for all

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Now it’s time for the rust week. From monday the 24 to friday the 30 of june P.R.I.T. will paint, build and have a good time. With you! Rust week is now open for all IT-student who want to help.
Hubben will be open from 10 in the morning to 18 in the evening for rust. If you work for at least 4 hours you will get free food. Tell P.R.I.T. before 10:00 the same day to be guaranteed food and/or tell us about your food preferences.

Magic the Gathering Draft

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While we are waiting for C20 (sometime next month by the way), DrawIT/DragIT presents a Modern Horizons draft! Those who know, know, but for those that do not know, this is what you need to know:

  • the format in question is draft: it is played with 3 boosters each, which is passed around the table
  • the set is Modern Horizons 1: it is a more complex set compared to the sets we have at our regular prereleases, but it should be manageable with some homework.

The date is a bit more flexible than usual, but preliminary 16/6. If you have concerns regarding the date, you can contact DrawIT; our goal is that as many as possible can play.

Place: TBA (probably EDIT)
Time: 13:00, 2019-06-16
Price: ca 200 SEK based on attendance

  • NOTE: it is free if you bring your own boosters
    Sign up: here

We will not be offering food, so come prepared!

Student Division meeting protocol LP4

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Meeting protocol

Is found here.

Meeting protocol in short

Motions and propositions

The meeting approved all motions and propositions with a few changes


The internal revision looked good, and NollKIT 18, sexIT 18 and digIT 18/19 were responsibility exempt.

Operating plans

Operating plans and budgets were approved with small changes. Bigger changes are listed below.

  • armIT
  • digIT
  • styrIT (preliminary)
    • Raise section development fund from 140 000 to 210 000kr.
    • Reduce armIT’s cost from 196 610kr to 115 110kr


We had elections and the following was elected.

    • Chairman - David Torbjörnsson
    • Treasurer - Erik Bennerhed
    • Member - Angela Pena Castro
  • fanbärerIT
    • Chairman - Maria Fornmark
    • Treasurer - Camilla Söderlund
    • Member - Simon Sundström
  • styrIT
    • Chairman - William Levén
    • Treasurer - Erik Johnsson
    • Vice chairman - Karl Wikström
    • Secretary - Vidar Magnusson
    • SAMO - Johannes Mattsson
    • Member - Erik Magnusson
    • Member - Li Rönning
    • Member - Anders Bäckelie
  • snIT
    • Chairman - Linnea Johansson
    • Treasurer - Pontus Lindblom
    • Vice chairman - Arvid Runvik
    • Secretary - Anna Nilsson
    • Member - Johan Wennerbeck
  • frITid
    • Chairman - Tina Samimian
    • Treasurer - Einar Ingvarsson
    • Member - Camilla Söderlund
    • Member - Eric Carlsson
  • Speaker - Simon Sundström
  • Election committe
    • Chairman - Tobias Lindgren
    • Member - Johan Wennerbeck
    • By-election will be held at the regular student division meeting LP1. Are you interested can you contact the new election committe by for example send an email to valberedningen@chalmers.it

Futsal with frITid!

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  • 31 May, 15:30-17:30
  • Chalmers Kårhus, Teknologplatsen 2
  • Facebook
  • frITid

Time for the study years last Friday event with frITid! This time we will be playing futsal. Kom and have a break in your exam studies! There will as usual also be bath and sauna directly after the futsal.

Date: 31/05 - 2019
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: The exercise hall in the student union building.

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Study Breakfast

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  • 29 May, 20:00-23:45
  • Hubben 2.1
  • Facebook
  • snIT och P.R.I.T.


May the 29'th from 8:00 to 11:45 SnIT and P.R.I.T. will hold the long awaited study breakfast! Take the chance to take a break from your studying and dig into some delicious pancakes and sandwiches, then take some refreshing juice or uplifting coffee! Nothing gives more energy for your studies then our amazing study breakfast. There is something for everyone here! Do not miss it!

Brännboll with frITid!

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  • 24 May, 15:30-17:30
  • Mossens idrottsplats Ljungbackegatan 1
  • Facebook
  • frITid

Now this Friday we will be playing brännboll! We will be at mossens idrottsplats. We leave the hub at 15:15 if you want to go there with us. If the weather doesn’t play nice we will instead be in the Chalmers union buildings exercise hall.

Date: 24/05
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Mossens idrottsplats Ljungbackegatan 1

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!!

Code and wine with digIT

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It may be a new digIT, but it is the good old same evening where we can all code to our heart's joy with a bit of wine or other drink close to hand. In this evening you can get help or help us with code problems, maybe learn something new and exciting, or just have a relaxing evening with us :)

Code&Wine on thursday
WHERE: Hubben 2.1 Hörsalsvägen 9
WHEN: 17:00 23/5

Chalmers championships in golf

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Now the time has come for the Chalmers championships in golf and frITid has decided to sponsor a specific number of players! The event will be held on the Chalmers golfklubb monday now the coming week. The application will close now the 18th of may 18:00 so don’t hesitate to apply. The application form can be found here:

For more information see the facebook event here:

Lost and found

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At the end of the study period all clothes in the ’lost and found’ shelf and bin will be gotten rid off. Take a look in the hallway to make sure you have nothing forgotten before it’s too late!

Ultimate frisbee with frITid!

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  • 17 May, 15:30-17:30
  • Mossens idrottsplats Ljungbackegatan 1
  • Facebook
  • frITid

Now this friday we will be playing ultimate frisbee! We will be at mossens idrottsplats. We leave the hub at 15:15 if you want to go there with us.

Date: 17/05
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Mossens idrottsplats Ljungbackegatan 1

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Medival Tavern Pub

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P.R.I.T. have found a time machine while maintaining Hubben one day, this has the ability to let us travel to another time period, but only for a short time when the time has come. Meticulously we have calculated that may the 17th, between 18:01 and 02:00 is that time.
We will gather at Hubben 2.1 and travel back to time not now, a time where mystical creatures thrived, a time where cloaked figures wandered.

P.R.I.T. welcomes you to an atmospheric medieval pub with food, mead and other alcohol-free beverages.

(Bring valid regular id and student union id, each chalmerist may bring a +1)

Documents for the student division meeting study period 4

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The student division meeting will be held in HA1 6:15PM on 16 May.

This meeting will be held in Swedish. If you are unable to read Swedish and want a summary of any of these documents, please contact the student division board StyrIT by mail at styrit@chalmers.it.

We give out food before the meeting for members of the student division that have registerd. Registration for food (which is served at 17.15 in Hubben) is done here before monday: https://forms.gle/eT2kZW4cg7McqSQt9


Sushi tasting and information about Valberedningen

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Sushi tasting with salmon, avocado and maki from three different sushi restaurants, with a vegan alternative. The cost is at cost price.

The 25 first IT-students to sign up recieves a discount of 40kr. The last time to sign up is monday 12.00, and can be done here: https://forms.gle/8RY36b4jPt19dR1W6

After the sushi tasting Valberedingen will have a information meeting. You are welcome to stay or leave, whatever you want :) You are welcome to come to this meeting even if you miss the sushi tasting!

Husqvarna - PUB

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  • In collaboration with Husqvarna -

On May 15, Husqvarna Group comes to Chalmers and Kajsabaren for a pub evening. Are you curious to hear more about our opportunities and challenges or what we offer when it comes to internship, thesis, summer jobs and jobs? This evening you have the opportunity to mingle with recruiting managers in Electronics, Data and IT from both our Husqvarna division and Construction division.

Climbing with frITid!

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  • 10 May, 15:30-17:30
  • Klätterlabbet Fysiken, Elektrovägen 1
  • Facebook
  • frITid

This friday we have something special in mind as we will be going to the klätterlabb here on campus! We will mainly be doing so called bouldering which is climbing on shorter courses without ropes. There will also be rope climbing on longer courses but for this you need a so called green card and your own climbing equipment. There are courses at many different difficulty levels so if you’ve never climbed before it won’t be a problem. We will pay for the entry fee and there will be climbing shoes available for borrowing for 40 kr if you don’t have your own. There will be a limited number of spots so don’t hesitate to apply if you want to come. The deadline for the application is the 9th of May. The application for can be found here:

We will leave the hub at 15:15 if you want to walk there with us. There are changing rooms there so you don’t have to come changed.

Date: 10/5
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Klätterlabbet Fysiken, Elektrovägen 1

It’ll be fun but, above all, fun!

(professional) Coffee tasting with Erik Lundin (Kudde)

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Professional coffee tasting with Erik Lundin who has worked as a Barista for 6+ years and took part in Aeropress SM.

Plats: Hubben 2.1
Tid: 18:00
Date: 9th May
Pris: 38 kr

Sign-up*: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZOu2tNvNoa_e3pn2qRKImTreHh4ME5bzuoqExtzLqD9Q9vA/viewform?usp=sf_link

  • on the sign-up page there is a video/picture when Andréas (fishur) took a BATH IN POSEIDON in honor of Frölundas SM gold last Thursday (the 2nd of May)!