Student Division meeting protocol LP2

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Meeting protocol

Is found here

Meeting protocol in short

Motions and propositions



The internal revision looked good, and styrIT18/19, FanbärerIT18/19 and sexIT18 were responsibility exempt.


One interpellation concerning blacklists were answered by the board.

Operating plans

One change for the styrIT budget was approved and can be found here.


We had elections and the following was elected.

  • Speaker
    • Oscar Börjesson
    • Emil Josefsson - Chairman
    • Elina Olsson - Treasurer
    • William Levén - Member
    • Naren Hariharakrshnan - Member
    • John Segerstedt - Member
  • Fyllnadsval kandidatmiddagsgruppen
    • Carl Manngård
  • sexIT
    • Karl Gunnarsson - Chairman
    • Hanna Söderström - Treasurer
    • Jakob Henriksson - Member
    • Erik Berg - Member
    • Jacob Ristner - Member
    • Julia Jönmark - Member
    • Salvija Zelvyte - Member
    • David Andréasson - Member
  • NollKIT
    • Måns Josefsson - Chairman
    • Albert Lund - Treasurer
    • Ida Dahl - Member
    • Jon Emilsson - Member
    • Vilhem Hedquist - Member
    • Felix Holmesten - Member
    • Josefine Nord - Member
    • Louise Viberg - Member
  • P.R.I.T.
    • Hugo Stegrell - Chairman
    • Hanna Schaff - Treasurer
    • Jacob Pedersen - Member
    • Aline Eikeland - Member
    • Viktor Fredblom - Member

If you want a breakdown of what took time on the meeting: Breakdown of time spent on the meeting.

Volley ball with frITid!!

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  • 24 Jan, 15:30-17:30
  • Motionshallen i Chalmers Kårhus
  • Facebook
  • frITid


New year, new me!? No matter whether your new year's resolution is to train more och you just enjoy training, you are still welcome to participate in this year's first frITid Friday!

This week there will be volleyball! We hope that you are as excited as us! Of course the sauna and the swimming pool will be open afterwards.

Day: Friday 24/1
Time: 15:30 - 17:30 with sauna and bathing afterwards
Where: Exercise hall, Chalmers Student union building

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

digIT Aspschedule

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Here is the schedule for the digIT-aspningen if you could not attend the info-presentation yesterday. Don't forget to join the channel #aspa-digit20 in Slack to get the latest news and go our workshops in grupprummet ;)

Rainbow pub

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Ponies and prisms! Friends and fanny packs! January 23rd 2020 P.R.I.T. invites you to seek the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Be enlighted at Hubben 2.1, 17:00 - 02:00. Bring valid ID and student union ID.

DrawIT aspning!

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The DrawIT aspning has begun!

Already on Tuesday LV1 it starts of with a presentation from the current board about our operations!

The schedule is in the image but will also be in english below! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach us on messenger, mail or through Slack!

Tuesday LV1 - 17:31 Info and preparations - Info about how DrawIT a game night and a GameDay works
Sunday LV2 - Try out old games! - Come and try the less loved games and see if you can find some new favorites!
Someday LV3 - Visiting Axfood! - Axfood is were we get our candy and soda, maybe you can find something new for us to buy!
Saturday LV4 - Masterchef DrawIT - Cook some food and let DrawIT and the other contestants try it out!
Sunday Lv5 - Hang out with DrawIT - A chill night with fun times!
Saturday LV6 - A standard GameDay were you will be able to meet other Student divisions and their game associations
Wednesday LV7 - Yearly meeting! - This is, if you've been nice, where you can join the DrawIT board or vote for your favorite person!


Save the date - Whiskyevening with fanbärerIT!

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After this examiner,
do you know what that means then?
An evening with a drink from Scotland,
will set your throat on fire.

On January 24, FanbärerIT will arrange a whisky tasting. More information and a form for signing up will be available on Monday reading week 1 (20/1). The number of tickets will be limited.

Date: 24/1
Time: 19.00
Place: Hubben 2.1
Price: 70 kr


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  • 18 Jan, 18:01-02:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • sexIT


Celebrate that exams are finally over and join sexIT at our ET-Raj on Saturday 18/01-20

What: ET-Raj
Where: Hubben 2.1
When: 18/01-20
Time: 18:01-late

Asp-info with digIT

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The winter has come and gone, the snow despite our shared expectation has not come. But something that is coming is digIT's aspning! Come on Monday the 20th 17:31 and learn more what exciting adventures and experiences you can experience in digIT. We promise "gött mys" and fika with us in Hubben!

When? 20/1 17:31
Where? Hubben 2.1

P.R.I.T. by-election

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P.R.I.T.’20 has 3 open spots for additional members in the committee. If you’re interested, you can talk with one of the current members, write on Slack or mail us at

If you’re interested, it's a perfect moment to show off yourself and test how well you work with the group by helping us with the pub in study period 3. Hit us up!

Best regards,

DrawIT's Magic THB Prerelease 2020

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The first arr of the decade goes to DrawIT! Magic is going to be played like always, and together with the release of the new set Theros Beyond Death, DrawIT hosts their prerelease on the 19th. The prerelease is an excellent opportunity for anyone to show up and play Magic, regardless of background; the playing field is evened as everyone builds decks from cards provided on the spot.Date: 19/1

Sign-up: (closes on thursday, 16th)
Price: 260 SEK
Food: no, but there will a break around 13:00 for lunch
Place: Hubben 2.1
Tid: signin 10.00-10:30, please be on time!

Code and mulled wine with digIT

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The end of the study period and Christmas is approaching, it is time for some code and mulled wine with digIT. Now on Thursday we will serve some snacks and mulled wine for the ultimate Christmas spirit, perfect for a cozy evening. As usual during code and wine evenings you can help us or get help with code problems, or just have a relaxing evening with some snacks ;)

Where?: Hubben 2.1
When?: 17:01 19/12
See you there!

Study breakfast

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December the 17'th SnIT and will hold the long awaited study breakfast! Take the chance to take a break from your studying and dig into some delicious sandwiches, then take some refreshing juice or uplifting coffee! Nothing gives more energy for your studies then our amazing study breakfast. There is something for everyone here! Do not miss it!

Documents for the student division meeting study period 2

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The student division meeting will be held in HA1 5:30 PM on 12 December.

This meeting will be held in Swedish. If you are unable to read Swedish and want a summary of any of the meeting documents (otherwise found in the Swedish version of the post), please contact the student division board StyrIT by mail at

Food will be served during the meeting for members of the student division that have registered. Registration for food (which is served at around 7:00 PM) is done here before Monday:


LaggIT Winter LAN!

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LaggIT welcomes you all into the heat behind the computer screen for the last LAN party of the year 13-15 December!

The event will take place in ML13-ML16 in the Machinebuilding and we open doors at 18:01.

Entry is completely free so feel free to show up! For you without a computer we have both board- and console games. There will also be splitscreen games available so do not hesitate to come if you do not have a computer to bring!

There will as usual also be soda and candy to buy for cheap prices.

During the Lan party we will also be holding a CM in League of Legends. If you want to participate you and your team will have to register lastest 12/06! The event can be found here:

Come and have fun playing games with us!

Checking interest for bachelor's dinner

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Hello all future bachelors!

This spring a dinner will be held to celebrate your graduation from the bachelor's program. To help us make the dinner as nice as possible we would like you all to fill in a form! (
This form is not a binding registration to the dinner but will be helpful during the planning of the event.

Hope to see you this spring!

Christmas coziness!

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  • 9 Dec, 17:30-21:30
  • Hubben 2.1
  • Facebook
  • FikIT, hookIT, FlashIT och styrIT


It’s the most wonderful time of the year
When HookIT invites you to chug a beer
StyrIT will provide you with Christmas crafts
Giving you a good time and lots of laughs
FlashIT makes your eyes sparkle and smile
Taking pictures that will end up on your Facebook profile
FikIT will feed you with cookies and love
But more important than all the above
There will be a competition for you to win
Build the best gingerbread house there’s ever been
Sign up by using the link below
Welcome to Hubben 2.1, we hope it will snow

Rules for the competition:

  • You have 30 minutes to pick up your gingerbread house, otherwise it is up for grabs
  • You have until 19.30 to finish your creation
  • You have two votes per person
  • You get the voting cards when your group are done cleaning

Apply to compete in the gingerbread house building competition:


Best Regards
FikIT, hookIT, FlashIT and styrIT

Climbing with frITid!

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Apply here

It is now time for some Climbing with frITid!
We will pay for the entry fee and climbing shoes which will enable you to do Bouldering. There are also rope climbing available but you have to either have a green card or know someone that has one, and of course have climbing equipment.

Date: Tuesday 10/12
Time: 17:00-19:00
Place: Klätterlabbet Fysiken, Elektrovägen 1

We leave Hubben at 16:45 and walk there together.

We only have a limited amount of spots, apply now! Although remember that you have to be a member at the IT division to do so. Deadline for application is 6th of Dec. This form is binding.

Come on, it will be fun! But above all, great!

Julmys på Cygnis kontor

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[This event will be held in Swedish]

- I samarbete med Cygni -a

Kom och julmys med oss på Cygni den 11 december i vårt nya kontor!
Ett julbord står dukat och i grytorna är glöggen varm.
Vi startar med drop-in-glögg från 17:30 och mat och dryck serveras ca 18:00.
När ni är mätta så kommer en panel bestående av Cygnikonsulter att berätta om livet som konsult, vad de jobbar med och vad utmaningarna är och framför allt...vad som är så kul med att vara konsult. Ni får en chans att ställa frågor till panelen. Efter snacket så hänger vi kvar på Cygnis kontor och gör lite julpyssel och spelar spel.
Adress: Östra Larmgatan 22

Anmälan sker till:


Squash with frITid!!

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Sunday 8/12 between 15:15-16:45, frITid have booked a squash for IT members to play together. This could be a one time opportunity so tell your friends and fill in this form today. The event is free of charge.

Date: Sunday 8/12
Time: 15:15 - 16:45
Place: Landala squashhall

We will depart from Hubben at 14:45 if you want to accompany us to the hall. Otherwise, the address is:
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 36B

We only have a limited amount of spots, apply now! Although remember that you have to be a member at the IT division to do so. Deadline for this form is thursady 5/12 but please sign up as fast as possible. This form is binding.

Come on, it will be fun! But above all, great!

Table tennis with frITid!

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Friday 6/12 between 16:00-18:00, frITid have booked a table tennis hall for IT members to play together. This could be a one time opportunity so tell your friends and fill in this form today. The event is free of charge. Remember to bring your own racket, if you don't have any frITid have a few to lend out.

Date: Friday 6/12
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Place: Göteborg pingis förbund, Parkgatan 35, 411 38 Göteborg

We will depart from Hubben at 15:15 if you want to accompany us to the hall. Otherwise, the address is:
Parkgatan 35, 411 38 Göteborg

Deadline for this form is thursday 5/12 but please sign up as fast as possible, so we know how many that will attend <3

Come on, it will be fun! But above all, great!

Efteraspfest för ALLA! Tisdag 3/12

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Datumet för efteraspfesten har flyttats från måndag (2/12) till tisdag (3/12)!

Arrangemanget kommer att vara häng för ALLA som vill (alltså inte endast aspar )på JA spel där man kan äta snacks och spela olika spel/aktiviteter så som shuffleboard, darts etc.

Efter JA så tänkte vi gå till Hubben för de som vill för att fortsätta ha kul! Glöm inte att det är serveringstillstånd i kårhuset så ha inte med er alkohol dit.

Vi tänkte dra igång klockan 19:00 så att de som vill vara på kursvalsminglet i hubben har tid att vara där i ca 2h utan att behöva stressa :)

Kom det blir kul! Tagga!

När/Var: 19:00-22:00 på JA, 22:00 till sent i Hubben.

NollKIT - Ditt spel på JA

Ask NolllKIT for more information

frITid presents SUPER-SPORT-WEEK

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December is soon here but the snow show no signs of arriving, many are asking for where to find the hope necessary to endure the winter. Fear not, frITid has the answers yoi are seeking! A week filled to the brim with events!

We start the week with Table tennis on Friday the 6:th of december, we continue with squash on sunday the 8:th and thereafter we end this sport-frenzy with bouldering on Sunday the 10:th. Registration is required for all events and we have a limited amount of spots. You find more information of the specific event below.

Table tennis
Time: 16-18
Place: Göteborg pingis förbund, Parkgatan 35, 411 38 Göteborg
Registration and information: Monday 2/12

Time: 15:15-16:45
Place: Landala squash hall, Landala torg
Registration and information: Monday 2/12

Time: kl 17-19
Place: Klätterlabbet Fysiken, Elektrovägen 1
Registration and information: Tuesday 3/12

Come on, it will be fun, fun and fun! But above all, great, great and great!