Aspect closure with ArmIT and DAY | Bowling, food!

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  • 21 Feb, 17:15-11:59
  • Chalmershlp
  • Facebook
  • ArmIT, DAG

ArmIT and DAG invite something to see before, namely a common aspen ending!

WHERE?: Collection at 17:15 at the Chalmers campsite.
HOW!?: Going to the unclear destination around Majorna to eat, at 7am we go on to Majorna Bowling to play bowling !!
THEN!?: For the brave warriors, we continue to discuss future roles around Järntorget.
First come first served where food and bowling are included, please register on the form below:

Student division meeting - study period 3

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The student division meeting will be held in HC4 6:15PM on 28 February.

We give out food before the meeting for members of the student division that have registerd. Registration for food is done here:

If you want to write a motion you have to send it to Styrit ( at least seven lecture days before the meeting.


Karaoke night!

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Are you one of those who likes to stretch your vocal cords? If so you should probably be paying attention, because next monday P.R.I.T. will open the Hub for a karaoke night like no other. On the menu there will be karaoke, karaoke and last but not least karaoke. If you after all get tired of all the karaoke we will also be serving something to eat for a small penny from 18:00 -to 21:00

Date: 18/2
Time: 17:17 - 23:00
Place: Hubben 2.1

No registration needed so you can just show up and sing to your heart's content!


Updated times for lunch lectures with the Program Management Team in study period 3

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Hi IT-students in year 1-3!

The program management team now invites to lunch lectures in study period 3. The purpose with these lectures is to create an opportunity to discuss study related questions at the IT program.

The following dates are posted in TimeEdit:

Program information IT1: Wednesday 13 February 2019 12.00-13.00 in HB3

Program information IT2 och IT3 together: Monday 18 February 12.00-13.00 in HB1

The program will hand out sandwiches and drinks. Vegan, nut-, onion- and gluten free alternatives will exist.


Best Regards, PL-IT Elke, Jonathan and Niklas

Equality survey

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I need you help in order to map out how equal YOU believe it is at the IT student division!

By answering the survey, which is unfortunately only available in Swedish, you will help me to identify problems and prioritize my work, and the answers will be the basis of a discussion at an equality workshop that will be held later this semester. The survey is anonymous, and only the members of the student division board will be able to access the answers. Only the statistics of the answers will be discussed at the workshop, not the free text questions.

If at least 100 people complete the survey, I will give out free fika!

For questions regarding the equality survey, you can contact me (Inka) on Slack or by sending a mail to

You can find the survey here:

Make SAMO happy - complete the equality survey!
You can find it here:

Hackathon with Omegapoint

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  • 16 Feb, 08:00-17:00
  • Adress: Rosenlundsgatan 3, 411 20 Göteborg
  • Facebook
  • digIT


This Saturday (the 16th of February) digIT along side Omegapoint will arrange a hackathon! The theme for the day will be productivity; everything from a calendar app to a program that prevents you from procrastinating!

The doors to the hackathon will open at 8am, but of course it's just fine to drop in later! Some info will be given a bit later in the morning (at approximately 9:30am).

There will be snacks and drinks all day and at noon there will be pizzas for all participants that sign up here:

If you didn't come to the mingle, then don't worry because it's totally fine to come anyway and get a group when you get there!!

What? Hackathon with Omegapoint with the theme productivity.
Where? Rosenlundsgatan 3, 411 20, Gothenburg
When? Saturday the 16th of February, 8:00am
Sign-up for pizza:

Dodge-, ghost- and hunterball with frITid!

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  • 15 Feb, 15:30-17:30
  • Chalmers Kårhus, Teknologplatsen 2
  • Facebook
  • frITid

It's time for the next friday event with frITid! This time there will be especially many balls in the air since we will be playing both dodge-, ghost- and hunterball. Come on, join us! As usual there will also be sauna and bathing directly after the event.

Date: 15/02
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: The exercise hall in the Chalmers union building

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!


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Welcome to the 8-bit TV game night in the hubben! We will have a tournament in rhythm heaven and extra music in our TV game quiz. Sausage with bread will be sold for a cheap slant and we will have the kiosk open as usual. Hope to see you on Friday!

Opera Lunch Lecture - Building a cloud-ready application

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DAG and ArmIT invites you to the first lecture in a three-part lunch lecture series on fintech development.

Lunch will be served to the 100 first.

Part two (19/2) – “How we built a payment system from scratch”:
Part three (26/2) – “Practical Kotlin”:

Building a cloud-ready applivation:

All modern web applications live in the cloud and there are various processes involved. This talk begins with explaining how to have your infrastructure as part of the code, making any changes easy to review and log. Areas related to swiftly and safely deploying the application to the cloud are covered such as scalable builds with parallel tests, canary releases, elastic container services and auto scaling. All of these pros of agility could be achieved by designing the application to support them from its inception. This lecture covers the design phase and concludes with a review of the best practices of storing data in clusters and monitoring critical metrics and touches upon the chaos engineering concepts.

Dinner party for the students finishing the bachelor programme

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Hello everyone who is finishing their bachelor programme this spring.

The yearly dinner party for the students finishing the bachelor program will be held may 3th. If you are a part of the IT program and finishing your thesis this spring you can join your classmates at a nice dinner to celebrate finishing the first part of your education. You can show your interest by filling in this form: Note that this is not binding.

With kind regards
Kandidatmiddagsgruppen 2019.

Lunch lectures with the program management team of IT in study period 3

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Hello IT-students in year 1-3!

The program management team of IT now invites you to lunch lectures in study period 3. The purpose of these gatherings is to create a time and place to discuss all things regarding your studies in the IT program.

The following dates are now added to TimeEdit:

Program information IT1: Wednesday 13 februari 2019 12.00-13.00 in HB3

Program information IT2 and IT3: Tuesday 19 februari 12.00-13.00 in HB1

The program will provide sandwiches and drinks. Vegan, onion-, nut- and gluten free alternative is available.


Best Regards, PL-IT Elke, Jonathan och Niklas

Speak Up - Talk about equality

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Today is the start of Speak Up - Talk about equality! At 15.00 there will be a mingle in the student union building, where several equality groups are in place with fun activities. In addition, jämKfKb's photo exhibition Normstorm opens! Come by for a while, hang out with us and talk about equality!

Read more about the rest of the weeks lectures and events on Facebook:"

Schedule can be found here:

DrawIT Aspning!

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DrawIT smurf 1-1 non transparent

Study week 4 is approaching in which DrawIT will begin its "Aspning", i.e. a period dedicated to you that is considering a more active position in DrawIT where you will be able to get a feel for DrawIT's organisation. People who don't intend to actually join the DrawIT board are of course welcome as well, since these events will have a lot in common with our usual events.

Information regarding the events is listed here and on #aspa-drawit on the IT-slack, as well as IT's event calendar.


Study week 4:

  • Mon (11/2) 17:00 @Hubben2.1: Information dump, details regarding the Aspning as well as DrawIT's week to week work
  • Sun (17/2): gôtt hâng (hangout), cook some food, learn important trivia

Study week 5:

  • Wed (20/2): game night, preparation and practice
  • Sun (24/2): stock taking, plan for future purchases

Study week 6:

  • Wed(27/2): trial by fire, the aspirant's own game night
  • Sat (2/3): sp(h)eldag

Study week 7:

  • Wed (6/3): year meeting


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Have you also heard that everything was better before?
Are you already longing for the day when you retire?
Who's winning CM in boule and is it true, what we all suspect, that exIT is cheating at bingo?
Join sexIT19s first gasque and all your questions about being old will be answered.

Where: at the Gasque
When: Saturday 16/2 drinks will be served at 17:31
Price: 80/90 SEK (without/with alcohol)
Tickets will be released on Monday 11/2 in this event and on
Afterparty: 22:00-03:00
Don't forget to bring your ID & studentcard!


Klasscoacher för Universeums DigIt 2019

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OBS! This message is only available in Swedish.

--- Meddelande från vår programansvarige Niklas Broberg ---

Hej IT-studenter!

Universeum söker klasscoacher till sitt skolprojekt DigIt (icke att förväxla med digIT). Universeum ( är en officiell samarbetspartner till Chalmers och GU, och detta är en fantastisk möjlighet får er studenter att:

  • Få bidra till att fler grundskolestudenter får upp ögonen för hur kul IT är.
  • Få praktisk erfarenhet av att coacha i projekt. (Googles ”Project Oxygen” 2013 kom fram till att förmåga att coacha är den störst avgörande faktorn för framgång inom företaget.)
  • Få betalt för att göra något jättekul och lärorikt.

--- Från Universeum ---
DigIt är en tävling där elever i åk. 5-6 får arbeta med digitalisering och IT inom hälso- och sjukvård genom att hitta lösningar på verkliga problem som DigIts partnerföretag bidrar med.

Vi söker klasscoacher, studenter som brinner för IT och digitalisering och/eller hälso- och sjukvård, som vill och kan vara med i projektet som förebilder och inspiration till den yngre generationen. Jobbet som klasscoach motsvarar cirka 30 timmar under projektperioden [mars-maj/juni – min anm. /Niklas] och ger studenterna en unik merit i CV:t, en mindre ersättning [4000 kr – min anm. /Niklas], och en fantastisk möjlighet att påverka nästa generations studieval.

Bifogat hittar du annonsen för DigIt och du kan läsa mer om projektet på vår hemsida:

OBS! Notera att den bifogade postern nämner ”slutet av januari” för intervjuer. Universeum har dock haft svårt att nå ut och få in ansökningar (de behöver 15 i år, har fått in 4), så i detta skede kommer intervjuer göras löpande. Uppstart för projektet är dock 5 mars, så skicka in ansökan omedelbart! Ansökningar (som inte behöver innehålla något direkt avancerat) skickas till

Jag vill betona att detta är en möjlighet för samtliga studenter på IT-programmet, oavsett årskurs. Ni kan alla mer än tillräckligt för att kunna hantera rollen som klasscoach, förebild och inspiration! Så gör mig stolt nu, och anmäl ert intresse, så Universeum också får upp ögonen för hur fantastiskt IT-programmet är!

Med vänlig hälsning, Niklas (Programansvarig IT)

Poster klasscoach DigIt 2019

Chalmers Championship in table tennis!

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Now it’s time for the Chalmers Championships in table tennis and it's arranged by us in frITid!

The tournament will be held in Ex-huset at Parkgatan 35 very close to Heden bus station. We will start at 09:00 AM. It will be a single tournament using a Monad system where you will always meet opponents with the same number of victories as yourself. This way everyone will compete against people at their own level and play roughly the same number of games. Towards the end we will also have a small playoff between the best players to determine a winner!

If you get hungry these is a small take away restaurant and a supermarket nearby.

We pay the cost for all attendees from IT. We have five guaranteed spots and will add more if we have space. The form can be found in the link below:

Interview sign up for digIT, ArmIT and MRCIT 2019

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It is time to sign up for interviews with the election committee!

Interview sign-up form for MRCIT:
Interview sign-up form for digIT/ArmIT:

To be nominated you have to go to an interview, but you can still nominate yourself at the student division meeting even if you do not go to an interview! However if you want to nominate yourself as chairman or treasurer and do not come to an interview you need to contact the election committee ( at least 24 hours before the student division meeting.

If you are unsure whether you want to sign up or not, make sure to do it anyhow, it can’t hurt!

If you need to contact the election committee for some reason then please contact

Futsal with frITid!

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  • 8 Feb, 15:30-17:30
  • Chalmers Kårhus, Teknologplatsen 2
  • Facebook
  • frITid

Come and play futsal with frITid!
As usual there will be pool and sauna directly after the futsal.

Date: 08/02
Time: 15:30-17:30
Place: the exercise hall in the Chalmers union building

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Be part of the Cortège 2019!

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--- Message from CCC ---


One of Chalmers biggest events is Chalmers Cortège. This year we are also celebrating that we are one of the oldest with a 110-year jubilee. The Cortège is a ten-day student festival, where you can meet and socialize with a thousand other students from different programs at Chalmers. During the day, your group of friends, your construction team, can spend the days on the constructions sight. There you will build a float as a sort of scene for a sketch you will play out about some big news that happened last year, which your group has chosen. On the construction site there will also be games played, mingle opportunities, and help and material given by CCC who are arranging everything. In the evenings, the Beer-tent is open. There you can sit outside with a cold one in your hand while you wait for the later part of the evening when the tent offers different live bands and DJs every night. If you want to make a day of the Cortège-week even longer, you can head over to Gasquen, which is open every night and the entry is free for all builders. At Gasquen this week, the different programs are competing the Chalmers championships in Gasque to see who can host the best party evening. Therefore, the decorations and party level are for winners. The finale is the 30th of April, when the parade of all the constructed floats drive through Gothenburg and show everyone in the city that spring has now arrived because Chalmers Cortège is here. Around 250 000 people watch the parade every year.

So gather up some friends and register now at That way you will be a part of this 110-year tradition at Chalmers and in Gothenburg. A tradition made for the sole purpose of community and fun. The Cortège takes off 30th of April 18:15. Do not miss out. This year the event is during the re-examination period, which means you won't miss any classes at all.

For more information on how to apply, go to our website Just do it. If you then have any questions or if you are just a little lonely, you can contact us on 031-18 45 35 or


The Pedagogical Prize signup!

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  • 22 Feb, 19:01-22:00
  • GD-Foajén
  • Facebook
  • snIT & SexIT

Now it’s time again! The pedagogical prize dinner party for the IT student division’s best teachers is being held. In the link below you can sign up for the dinner party that snIT and SexIT are arranging to celebrate this event.

Where? GD-Foajén
When? Friday the 22:nd of February
Time 19:01
Dress code? Business casual
Price? 120/130kr (without/with alcohol)

(The event will be held in Swedish)
(edit) It will be held in English.
Sign up here:
The signup form closes Friday the 8th of February!


Hackathon mingling with Omegapoint.

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Friday the 8th of february digIT and omegapoint will arrange a mingling before the extraordinary Hackathon that will be held the 16th of February!

The mingling will begin at 18:00 and there the theme for Hackathon will be revealed!

You will not only get the possibility to create business contacts and feast on snacks with associated drinks,
but you will also be able to find a group and chip ideas, to become as prepared as possible.

No need for applications, just your interest, so come on by and meet us at omegapoint's quarters at Rosenlundsgatan 3, 411 20 Gothenburg

What? Hackathon mingling with Omegapoint.
Where? Rosenlundsgatan 3, 411 20, Gothenburg
When? Friday the 8th of february, 18:00

DrawIT events LP 3

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DrawIT resumes! Starting this Wednesday (30/1, study week 2) and onwards to study week 7, DrawIT will be hosting their weekly boardgame nights. We offer boardgames, food and a wonderful environment! This is also the last period for the current DrawIT board, which implies that we will start our "aspning" (recruitment) for the next year. More info incoming, but save the date for Monday LV4.

Until then, we leave you with this picture of tomorrow's menu:


LAN with LaggIT!

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fbsovlaneng (3)

In these dark and snowy winter times we invite you to this year's first LAN with LaggIT!

When? 8-10th February (starts 18:01)
Where? ML11-ML16, Chalmers Johanneberg

New for this year: There will be sleeping quarters available!

We hope to see you there!
/ LaggIT

Course evaluation fika

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Read a bad course lately?
Read a good course lately?
Then don't hesitate to come and write course evalutions with us and get fika this friday lunch!

Date Friday the 1st of February
Time 12:00-13:00
Location Hubben 2.1