Chalmers Championships in Mil!

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  • 11 May, 13:00-16:00
  • Skatås Motionscentrum
  • MIL (maskins ihärdiga löpare)

Now it’s time for the Chalmers Championships in mil! Here you will run a scandinavian mile(10 km) and test yourself against other participants. The three best from womens and mens class respectively will receive a medal. The race will take place on may the 11th between 13:00 and 16:00 and will be at the skatås Motionscentrum. You will also receive a scarf, a sports drink before the race and a kexchoklad(candybar) at the finish line. We in frITid of course want as many as possible to participate so we are ready to pay for the participation fee for a given number of players. First come first served so don’t hesitate to apply if you want to participate. Last application date is the 1st of may.

The application for can be found here:

If you want more information you can find it in the event:

CM in relay!

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  • 9 May, 12:00-13:00
  • A-laget

Now the time has come for the Chalmers Championships in relay and IT should of course have a team! The event will be held on the 9 of may between 12:00 and 13:00. To begin with There will be five people per team. To begin with we will only pay for one team but this might change. First come first served so don’t hesitate to apply if you want to participate! Last application date is may 1. Apply here:

For more information you might read the event here:
Though it is only in swedish so feel free to contact and ask us questions if there is something you don’t understand.

Career Opportunities: Ericsson Early Career Program

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Our INNOVATE Early Careers Program focuses on technology leadership. Our aim is to attract and guide the most talented, innovative and creative technology minds.

We offer you the opportunity to engage with the most exciting technology on the planet and the challenges it brings. We’ll give you an awesome career that uses technology to change how we live, work and connect our communities, but you’ll have the passion and drive to make the future happen.

Your journey into the Innovate Program will start as a Product Development Leader trainee at Packet Core in Göteborg.
For more information and application:


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Are you interested in computer games and arranging your own LANs? Join LaggIT!! We now have our aspiration period and annual meeting where you have the opportunity of joining the next LaggIT board. Save the dates below and we'll see you then!

Continuous information will be given in the slack channel #laggit-asp and at Facebook.

Info & gaming night
Time: Monday 6 May at 17:00
Place: Hubben 2.1

Time: Friday10 May at 18:00
Place: ML11
Meeting documents will be sent via email to our members. Become a member here.


5G & IoT Bootcamp

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Ericsson Garage invites you to a ”smorgasbord”, for anyone interested in 5G and IoT. For two days you will beehive around everything from chipsets to connectivity, cloud platforms, device and data management, application development, AI and possibly even business models. There will be a mix of keynotes, demos, ask the experts, networking, pitches and hands-on development though a hackathon. All this in an inspiring environment. But above all, you’ll have alot of fun!
Skärmavbild 2019-04-18 kl. 18.12.54

Phaddra for IT

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Hi! Now is the time of year for Phaddring at IT. To be a Phadder means you are taking on the responsibility to take care of the new students during their first time here at Chalmers. It is crucial for the new students that they are taken care of properly and by humble and caring phaddrar when they first get here.

If you feel extra enthusiastic about phaddring this year, we in NollKIT recommend for you to apply for the role of PhadderBoss or Vice- PhadderBoss. This means that you, along with another person will be responsible for the group of phaddrar you are in. You will do most of the communication with us, NollKIT, and you will be leading the other phaddrar in the group. This comes with some benefits. You will have a guaranteed spot at the "finsittning" at the end of the reception, as well as having top priority at buying tickets that were not bought by the new students.

Read more and sign up here:

MTG: War of the Spark prerelease

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Now it's time again fellow magic fans in the DrawIT community. The release of the next expansion for Magic the Gathering, War of the Spark, is fast approaching.
For this end, DrawIT will once again hold a pre-release event for this upcoming set.

  • Date & Time: 28th April 10:01
  • Place: Hubben 2.1.
  • Price: 230SEK

Please Sign up here:
OBS! Limited participation number! Hurry and sign up!!

Winevolley with frITid!

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  • 17 Apr, 20:15-23:00
  • Chalmers Kårhus, Teknologplatsen 2
  • Facebook
  • frITid

Now this wednesday the time has come for winevolley! Winevolley is a old aspiration tradition in many other student division and it has now become time for frITid to test out this favorit! The event is, as the name suggests, an evening with volleyball and wine. The rules are simple, but not to spoil the surprise we will hold on these for later. If you don’t like wine it is completely fine to bring any other beverage. It will take place at the excersice hall in the Chalmers union building and will be held between 20:15 and 23:00 wednesday next week (17/04). There is no form so you can just show up and have fun! It is BYOB but judging from the rumors there might be homebrewed wine to taste.

It will be fun but, above all, fun!

Marblelympics with Taco

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  • 19 Apr, 19:01-21:30
  • Basen
  • Facebook
  • Gurgy & dHack

We meet, eat tacos and watch Marblelympics 2019!
All students from the data- and IT-section are welcome and may bring a +1
Sign up here
The event (and food) is free for all signed up participants.

Go Mellow Yellow!!!!

Student Voice IT

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The student voice, Studentrösten, is a meeting point for all students at Chalmers to express your opinion and make a difference through your student division. It's hosted by reps from your division board amongst others. The student voice for the IT-department will be held on Thursday 11/4 8-13 in Hubben 2.1 and online. There will be candy for everyone that makes their voice heard!

If you can't attend there will also be a google form here: and accessible through QRcodes on the posters for the Student Voice in Hubben 2.1.

Hope to see you all!


Throwback Friday

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It's time for the next activity with frITid! But this time it is us aspiring to be frITid who will highlight your week with a different and fast paced friday activity. Do you also miss the deadly serious games you and your friends fought under gym class in school? With games such as dodgeball, tailhunt, the great Wall of china, others you will relive this fantastic time from your childhood.

If the weather is nice we will be outside, else we will be in Student union building. We will see you then! :DDD


time for DaltIT!

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  • 16 Apr, 18:06-22:29
  • Sandlådan between M and EDIT
  • Facebook
  • P.R.I.T. & DaltonZ

On tuesday 16th of April PritonZ (P.R.I.T. & DaltonZ) will arrange DaltIT.
Great company, fun games and awesome food (Hamburgers and Waffles) will make DaltIT an event you don't want to miss.
If you want to go you'll have to fill in the form. Then just grab your drink (BYOB) and some money for food, and join us in Sandlådan (Between M and EDIT) at 18.06!



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  • 11 Apr, 20:00-23:00
  • Hubben
  • snIT

Study-breakfast in study week 3? Absolutely! SnIT with the help of aspirants will organize a study-breakfast for all IT-students who wants to come.
Get a good start to your day with a little bit of study and a little bit of pancakes.



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In cooperation with Satcube
Satcube is currently looking for an embedded engineer for our development team in Gothenburg. We develop a portable satellite terminal that can quickly be set up in crisis-affected areas to establish a fast internet link. We are a small company that can offer you varied and challenged tasks in a global industry!

Dinner party for the students finishing their bachelor

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Hello everyone who is finishing their bachelor in IT!

You can now sign up for the Bachelor dinner.
Do note that you can only attend the dinner one time as a bachelor.

We meet up 18:01 at Linneplatsen from which we walk together to the dinner.

More information will come via mail.

Sign up here:

With kind regards
Kandidatmiddagsgruppen 2019.

DrawIT19's first game night

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  • 3 Apr, 17:01-00:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • DrawIT

Hello from DrawIT19!

Tomorrow at 17:00 we will host our first game evening for the study period in Hubben 2.1. If you are excited to play board games or just want to take a well earned rest from studying, just come by! In addition to a wide selection of board games, we will sell snacks and good food later in the evening. We will be hosting more game evenings and a game day later in the study period.

See you tomorrow!


Beachvolleyball with frITid!

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It's time for the next friday event with frITid! This time there will be beachvolleyball! Application is required and the last application date is as soon as tomorrow! First come first served! We will be out in kviberg so we will leave the hub at 14:59 if you want to come with us. You can find the application form here:

Date: 05/04
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Place: Beach Center, Krutvägen 6

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Gamma Release!

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Greetings dear user!

digIT has since the start of 2018 been working on demolishing as many account-services as possible.
We started alphabetically by crushing :alfa: this autumn and instead launched :gamma: well in advance for the reception.
Since gamma has been working stable for more than half a year now we're finally gonna live our dream and burn :beta: to the ground.

Farewell :beta:, you will not be missed. Long live gamma!


LaTeX-lecture and workshop!

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  • 4 Apr, 15:15-20:00
  • HB3, (EL41,EL42)
  • snIT och DNS

Does your LaTeX skills fail you when you need them the most?

Then this lecture + workshop is for you!


FanbärerIT Aspning

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FanbärerIT has now begun the sears for new members! To keep track of events and of the "Aspning" join the IT-slack-channel #fanbärerit-aspar

Highest regards,



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Do you want to sit in IT's most important association or are you just a person who likes fika? Come to FikIT-aspning on Tuesday!

We will be in Grupprummet in Hubben and bake some chocolate balls, listen to good music and of course EAT FIKA!

Tuesday 2/4 17:30 in Grupprummet in Hubben, everyone is welcome!

Bounce with frITid!

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Now it’s time for the most anticipated event of the year! Bounce! Two hours of pure fun! For you who don’t know, it’s a hole hall full of trampolines parkour courses and other fun things. We will have a limited application were we take up to 19 people. So don’t hesitate if you want to go! We will walk from the hub at around 17:00. There will come a more exact time and more information in a mail to all applicants closer to the event. There will be a smaller fee of 30 crowns. This is for the socks you will need to attend the event. If you have socks from before you will get your money back when attending the event. Here is the application form:

Date: 9 April
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Place Billdalsvägen 2, Hovås

It will be fun but, above all, fun

Mingle event with Ericsson

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  • 1 Apr, 17:00-20:00
  • Basen
  • Facebook
  • Datateknologsektionens arbetsmarknadsgrupp, DAG and ArmIT

Monday the 1 of April Ericsson will come visit campus and invites you to join them in Basen for some food and drinks and a chance to mingle with representatives from Ericsson.

There is no registration needed but for us to be able to know approximate how many students will come and for us to be able to cater to food preferences there will be a RSVP form. Please submit your food preferences before Thursday 28/3 at 20 o’clock:

Ericsson is currently hiring for the positions listed below and the hiring managers will be present during the evening to answer you questions and tell you more about the different positions.
Cloud Native developer Packet Core Gateway -

Packet Core Developer -

Data analytics developer -

Data analytics developer -

Packet Core Controller Developer -

Developer to create the world's best user plane -


Kickoff for joining StyrIT and SnIT

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Tonight is finally the start of StyrITs and SnITs application processes, there will be an information event where you can learn more about the work of the committe as well as individual posts. There will also be cookies.

Time: 18.00
Place: E-studion

There is also channels at slack where the information regarding the upcoming events will be posted. So join #snitaspar and #styritaspning2019

/StyrIT and SnIT

Masters- & Course choice mingle

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Have you not yet decided what course to take this fall or what masters program to choose?
Are you currently enrolled in a masters program you think others would enjoy?
Have you taken a course that you would recommend?

Then come to snIT's Masters- & Course choice mingle and share with and/or learn from your fellow students!

Date: Tuesday 2 April
Time: 17:01
Place: Hubben 2.1