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frITid-aspning at Henriksberg!

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It's time to kick-start the frITid-aspning!
Wednesday the 29th of mars we will go to Henriksberg to play pool, shuffleboard and hang out. frITid pays!

We'll leave Hubben at 18 and plan to be there at 18:30.
The event is only for IT-students.

Lunch seminar - Wikimedia

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Welcome to a lunch seminar about Open data, where Alicia Fagerving from Wikimedia will talk about the current use of open data in Sweden and what the future holds.

When: Thursday, March 23th
Where: HC3

The seminar is going to be held in swedish.
Pizza will be served.

Phadder Hunt!

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Did you also think that the reception was hilariously funny? Would you like to experience it again? SEEK PHADDER!

NollKIT are going to hold an information night regarding the "phaddring" during the reception for the new students enrolling this autumn. The phaddring this year is going to change compared to former years, so for people who has been phadders before this night is still very important to attend. What does it really mean to be a phadder?

There will of course be FIKA!

Phadders - NollKIT's true heros during the reception

Korean Karaoke Pub

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On the twenty-third of March it's time to head on in to Hubben and enter Chalmers' own small slice of the East. P.R.I.T. invites you to our Korean Karaoke Pub!

Come on over and eat waffles, eat good food, drink tasty drinks, and sing, sing, sing! Don't worry if you're not a big fan of singing yourself, you can always come and enjoy watching people try to (and fail to) sing along with a fast and catchy K-pop song. But the fun doesn't end there! We'll be offering to put on make-up for you to feel like a true K-pop star, and from our kitchen we'll be serving a great wok to help you dream yourself away from a Gothenburg that can't seem to decide what season it wants to be in.
New for this period's pub is that we'll be offering vegan waffles along with our super tasty regular waffles.

So when the spring(?) sun starts heading down towards the west, come on in to us in the east.

If you want to be kept up to date regarding the pubcrawl, make sure to download Eventappen! It will allow you to get a good idea of where the pubs are located, and how long the queues are, so in order to get the most out of your pubcrawl, get Eventappen!

Don't forget to bring both your Student Union ID and a regular photo ID, otherwise we can't let you in. Ages 18 and up. If you're bringing someone who isn't a student at Chalmers they'll need a guest pass, more info regarding that can be found at

ET-Raj LP3

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Soon enough we will all be done with this study period's exams and that means that it's time for P.R.I.T. to invite you to the LP3 ET-Raj on Saturday, March 18th at 18:00.

Come along and party with us in Hubben and celebrate the end of the study period! Whether you nailed your exam or would prefer to forget about it altogether, we believe that you've just found an excellent reason to party!

Mingle and Snakebot-hack at Cygni

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Welcome to snakebothack at Cygni!

Cygni invites you to an evening at their office where we are going to play snakebot - like classic snake besides that you are the one implementing the snake. There will be food, beer and of course the chance to speak with the colleagues at Cygni.

Note: This event will be held in swedish
There will be limited amount of spots, so sign up now!



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