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Glöggmys with FanbärerIT

  • 11 December, 18:30

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Multiball with frITid!

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  • 14 Dec, 15:30-17:30
  • Chalmers Kårhus, Teknologplatsen 2
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  • frITid

Come and play multiball with frITid!
As usual there will be pool and sauna directly after the multiball.

Date: 14/12
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Chalmers studentunion building

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Documents for the ordinary student division meeting study period 2

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This post contains all documents pertaining to the student division meeting December 13th. This meeting will be held in Swedish. If you are unable to read Swedish and want a summary of any of these documents, please contact the student division board StyrIT by mail at

If you want to see the documents you will have to check the Swedish version of this post
Time: December 13th, 18:00, food will be served 17.15 in Hubben 2.1
Room: HA1
IRC and Slack: #sektionsmöte


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Midwinter’s nightly frost is hard, brightly the stars are beaming,
Far in the distance a sitting. A sitting by P.R.I.T. and prosex.. A sitting for IT and TD alike. A christmas sIT-TDing!

P.R.I.T. and prosex. invites you to the last and cosiest sitting of the year on tuesday the 18th of december.

Time: Apertif at 18:01
Location: TBA
Pris: 90 kr
Dress code: Christmas (e.g. Ulgy Christmas sweater or Christmas decorations, etc.)

Ticket sales start at 12:01 on Tuesday, December 11th through the forms that will be linked on Facebook and

The sitting is aimed primarily at IT-students and TD-students and will be held in Swedish. 18-year limit applies. Bring ID and student-ID.

Sp(h)eldag Study Period 2

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  • 8 Dec, 13:00-12:00
  • Basen
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  • Chalmers Spelföreningar


Woot! Sp(h)eldag* this Saturday, 8th of December @Basen! For those of you not familiar with what that entails; we will be offering a large selection of games, digital and analogue, as well as prestigious Chalmers Championships (CM). Everything arranged by various game societies from around Chalmers.

  • this is hard to translate
  • 100+ boardgames
  • console games
  • an arcade cabinet
  • CM in Dominion; the best boardgame you might've never played
    • Starting at 17:00

We hope that this sounds appealing! We'll be starting around 13:00 and keep the doors open until late.

We will be serving dinner for at a reasonable price.

If you can't show up this time, worry not! There will be another Sp(h)eldag LP3!

Advent of Code & Glögg

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  • 7 Dec, 17:01-02:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • digIT

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Code & Wine, but with a christmas twist. Bring your computer this friday for a chill code night in Hubben 2.1. We will serve "glögg" and gingerbread cookies for the ultimate christmas feeling. We will during the evening try to solve the problems from this years Advent of Code ( You're welcome as always to code your own project, or help us with our services, or just come by for some nice Friday company! <3

Glöggmys with FanbärerIT

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On the 11th of December, FanbärerIT invites you to an evening of cozy atmosphere, mulled wine of various types and some appetizers. Come and celebrate the magic of Christmas with us!

For this event, we ask 40 SEK paid via swish. Mulled wine and appetizers included.

There might be a quiz which will most probably be held in Swedish

When: 11/12 18:30
Where: Hubben 2.1
Price: 40 SEK
Dress code: Come as your self! You are welcome to dress up as much as you want as well as decorate your self with
18+ year age restriction

Tickets (sign up will cloe on 10/12):

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Yours Truly



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Upcoming events

Glöggmys with FanbärerIT

  • 11 December, 18:30



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