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CM with SpaceIT

  • 27 April, 17:30

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Study divison meeting SP 4

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StyrIT welcomes you to the Student Division Meeting!

The meeting will start at 18:15 in HC4 May 11th. All members of the IT division are welcome to participate, speak and vote. If you want to attend and/or lift motions and are not fluent in Swedish, please contact StyrIT at

A summary of the meeting agenda can be found here

The whole agenda in Swedish can be found here.

Do you want food before the meeting? Sign up here

Facebook event


8-bIT Annual Meeting

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Come here, vote in board, eat coffee. Play games afterwards? All welcome

The opening of the meeting
Meetings of the meeting
Election of the chairman of the meeting
Activity Report
Economic story
Auditors' story
Discharge for last year's board
Election of board
Other questions
End of the meeting

Also try to lift new statutes thanks to auditors who are bothering you, these are you here:

CM with SpaceIT

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The year is 2112 and the company SpaceIT has created the biggest, fastest and most luxurious galactical space ship ever built and now the time has come for the maiden voyage! The spaceship ITTS Citanti departs 27/4 from Chalmers Johanneberg Launch Site outside of Gasquen, and with that also the first real attempt to colonize a new world in a new solar system. Put on your best space suit and join a journey through the galaxy to become a pioneer in the new world!

LaggIT: Extra annual meeting

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LaggIT keeps fighting for a membership in Sverok, but it has turned out that we need to make some adjustments in our statutes to get on with the process.

Therefore, we will hold an extra annual meeting on Friday, 28 / 4-2017 at 12:00 in group room 3217 with the aim of adjusting the statutes to allow for membership in Sverok.

Proposition by Henry Yang


Master and course selection mingle

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It is time to choose master and courses for the fall semester!

To help students decide, snIT will hold an event where you can mingle and ask each other about master programmes or courses in order to learn more about them. snIT will also provide some information. The event will primarily be aimed toward the students in years 2 and 3, but we encourage all master students to come and talk about your master programme as well!

The event will be held in Hubben 2.1, 17:30 on Tuesday, April 25.

There will also be a selection of canapés available to snack on :)

Masterval- och kursvalsmingel

Lunch seminar - Burt

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  • 25 Apr, 12:00-13:00
  • HC3
  • ArmIT

Welcome to a lunch seminar where we are going to meet Burt, along with four alumnees who will talk about what they do within the company who develops cloud-based services, serving clients like New York Times and Hearst (Cosmopolitan, Elle and others). They are also looking for new co-workers to expand their offices in NYC and Gothenburg.

Pizza will be served.
When: April 25th, 12:00
Where: HC3

Note: The seminar will be held in swedish

New canteen in the EDIT-building

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There is finally a new lunchroom in the EDIT building! The room can be found in old DC on the opposite side of Kajsabaren. It is equipped with 9 microwaves, 2 refrigerators and around 40 seats. So if you feel like Hubben is cramped during lunchhours this is a perfect alternative.



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