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StyrIT Needs Your Help

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StyrIT would like to translate the regulatory document, since this requires proficiency in Swedish, the rest of the post will be in Swedish.

Snakebot Challenge and pub night with Cygni

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-- Message in collaboration with Cygni --

On thursday 26th of april there will be a tournament in snake bot and pub night in Bulten, fabolous prices will be awarded among others a GoPro for best snakebot. If you haven't started coding there is still time! Further instructions at . You can also join #snakebot in the cthit-slack for questions or send an email to

Även om du inte har möjlighet att koda någon orm så är du varmt välkommen på pubkvällen, Snake är en förvånansvärt underhållande tittarsport och du får chansen att mingla med trevligt folk, käka gött och ta en öhl eller två. Vid eventuell platsbrist (osannolikt då Bulten är stor) kommer de som har bottar få företräde över publikgäster.

Everyone is welcome even if you have not coded your own snakebot you can join us for foods and drinks at Bulten.

For guest list, get registered at:

Student division meeting LP4

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The second student division meeting is going to be held the 8th of May in HC4 at 18:15.
This post (Swedish version) contains all documents pertaining to the student division meeting later this month. This meeting will be held in Swedish. If you are unable to read Swedish and want a summary of any of these documents, please contact the student division board StyrIT by mail at

Bounce with frITid

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frITid is heading for the sky and you should come along! Monday, May 7:th, frITid is going to Bounce to jump our worries away for two hours. Sign up below to come along!

When: Monday May 7:th, 18-20
Where: Bounce inc, Billdalsvägen 2
Price: 30kr for grip socks (no cost if you already have grip socks)

Meet recruiters from Academic Work

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-- Post in collaboration with Academic Work --

For all of you graduating this spring, whether you know what you want to do next or not, take the opportunity to speak with recruiters from Academic Work. We are experts at helping young professionals in finding their dream job - and now we want to help you find yours!

More information at

Badminton at Fjäderborgen

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Come along with frITid to Fjäderborgen and play badminton!
Since we have been a lot of people the other times we have played badminton and only have access to one court, we have decided to go to Fjäderborgen this time!
We will have access to 5 courts and everyone at the Software Engineering Student Division is welcome!

If you want to go with us in frITid to Fjäderborgen, we will leave from Hubben at 15.10, otherwise we will see you there ar 15.30 when we get access to the courts!

When: Friday 20/4 15:30 - 17:30
Where: Fjäderborgen, Södra Viktoriagatan 44

IT will be fun but, above all, fun!

Code & Wine

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  • 20 Apr, 17:00-03:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • digIT

The image is meant to be viewed in a ironic and humoristic manner, and we do NOT encourage alcoholconsumption, rather you can just as well drink something non-alcoholic. The only thing we care about is that you show up and have a good time <3

Have you ever spilled coffee over your keyboard and wondered why it wasn’t wine? Then you should come and sip on a glass of arbitrary while typing till your keys start to bleed at digIT’s "ViSomGettOssFanPåAttKodaIställetFörAttGåPåVsgofpabcg” - Code & Wine this Friday, the 20th of April at 17.00!
At Code & Wine you have the chance to use digIT’s knowledge to either learn something interesting, get help with some problem or just have a nice evening!

Nb! This event is B.Y.O.B.

Xoxo PRibb o PRubb <3



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