October dinner party -- Kid's Party

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Welcome to P.R.I.T.s birthday party!

On saturday, the 19th of october, we will celebrate P.R.I.T.’s birthday and we hope you can come! We will have the party at home, in Hubben 2.1, Hörsalsvägen 9 at 18:31. We have the theme “front and rear”, so bring your most backwards clothes. It will be very fun!

Feel free to bring an unwrapped gift so we can wrap it together when you come.
Tell us if you can come when we have ticket release next monday, 14th of october, more information will come on chalmers.it and facebook. You’ll pay us the following wednesday, 16th of october.

When: Saturday 19th of october, predrinks will be served at 18:31
Where: Hubben 2.1
Dress code: Back and forwards
Ticket release: Monday 14th of october at 12:01 on chalmers.it and on facebook
Afterpub: 23-02
Don’t forget legitimation!

CM in floorball

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Now the time has come for the Chalmers championships in floorball and frITid has decided to sponsor a specific number of players and put together a team! The event will be held on Alelyckans sportcenter, approximately 30 minutes from Johanneberg with bus. The application form for the IT-team can be found here:

For more information see the facebook event here:

All discussion and questions regarding this CM will be addressed in #fritid

FlashIT annual meeting

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It's time for FlashIT's annual meeting! Welcome to Hubben on Thursday, November 14th. If you are not already a member of FlashIT, you can join on the spot and participate, express your opinion, give suggestions and candidate to the Board.
FlashIT is the film and photo association of the IT-section, and its purpose is to safeguard the film and photo interests of IT technologists, as well as document the section's activities in image and film to a certain extent. Does this sound interesting? Come to the annual meeting and don't hesitate to contact someone in FlashIT if you want to know more! See you there

Beach volleyball with frITid!!

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It's time for the next friday event with frITid! This time there will be beachvolleyball! Application is required and the last application date is Wednesday 9/10 First come first served! We will be out in kviberg so we will leave the hub at 14:01 if you want to come with us.

You can find the application form here: https://forms.gle/NLcbGZxGJ4BczpSE9

Date: 11 October
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Place: Beach Center, Krutvägen 6
It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Lunch lecture with Cybercom

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Welcome to a seminar covering the latest development within Cloud and AWS together with Cybercom, the leading AWS partner in Scandinavia.

Cybercom will speak about the upcoming opportunities and what will be required from a future developer.

When: October 9th at 12.00
Where: Chalmers Johanneberg HC3


Documents for the student division meeting study period 1

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The student division meeting will be held in HA1 6:15 PM on 10 Oktober.

This meeting will be held in Swedish. If you are unable to read Swedish and want a summary of any of these documents, please contact the student division board StyrIT by mail at styrit@chalmers.it.

We give out food before the meeting for members of the student division that have registered. Registration for food (which is served at 17.15 in Hubben) is done here before Monday: https://forms.gle/3PtTbKQcYowmXZLz6


Hactoberworkshop with digIT

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  • 13 Oct, 10:01-22:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • digIT

Do you want to develop open-source projects and get a t-shirt while doing it?

During October, you have the opportunity to get a good-looking and free t-shirt if you submit 4 pull requests on open-source projects in GitHub, for example any of digIT's ;)
To register, go to https://bit.ly/2OgUWYY.
If you want to participate, but don't know what to do, wondering about something or just want to code, then you can always come to our whole day workshop the 13th October in Hubben.
Do you want more information? Go to https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/.

Hosts for DatE-IT

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Vi behöver fortfarande fler värdar till årets DatE-IT den 14 november, skapa ett konto och anmäl er som värdar på vår sida https://app.date-it.se . Som värd på DatE-IT får du chansen att komma i kontakt med intressanta företag, gå på vår bankett och ha en kul kickoff-kväll. Under mässdagen så måste du vara tillgänglig för ett företag och hjälpa dem med till exempel att hitta på campus, sätta upp monter etc. Du behöver inte vara med ditt företag hela tiden under mässan, endast om de vill ha hjälp med något. utöver det kommer du behöva jobba i 4 timmar dagen innan, efter eller under mässan. du får även gratis mat under hela DatE-IT.

DatE-IT broschyrställ

Museum visit with FanbärerIT!

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Honored members of the IT-section,

On thursday reading week 7 (17/10), the committé FanbärerIT will visit a museum and you are very welcome to join! This time, we will visit Röhsska, which is the only museum in Sweden dedicated to design and craft. First, we will have a private tour of the East Asian exhibition, which shows pieces from one of the oldest collections in Europe. Afterwards, it will be possible to experience the rest of the collections, which comprises of fashion, furniture, jewellry, ceramics, textiles and much more.

The event is FREE for ALL members of the IT-section. We vill leave Hubben at 17.30, but it is also possible to join directly at Röhsska at 17.50 (it is right next to Valand). The tour will be held in swedish, but of course everyone is welcome to take part!

OBS. No food will be served. Röhsska have a cafe if you want to buy at you own.

Sign up by the link below:

Evening of coziness

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P.R.I.T. organizes a BLANK the 8'th of october in Hubben 2.1.
There will be food, entertainment, coziness and P.R.I.T. of course!
Join us for a cozy evening.

Lunch lecture with Google

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Interested in learning more about Google? Come hear it from a Googler!

On Wednesday 16 October at 12:00, Google will be hosting a lunch talk about Machine Learning on campus. It's a chance for you to also learn more about Google and the opportunities we offer to students. We hope to meet you there.

Check out the details below and register for the event HERE:
If you’re interested in Google opportunities, make sure to include a soft copy of your CV!

What: Google @ Chalmers
When: Wed 16 Oct 2019 at 12:00
Where: Chalmers Johanneberg HC4

What to do next?: Register for the event HERE: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/chalmers-Q419/
Make sure your CV and LinkedIn profiles are up to date (feel free to link both in the form above) and of course come with lots of good questions!

Baguette lunch will be available.

Hope to see you there!

UPx Chalmers falk 2019-10 - Event Poster _ Build for everyone

Futsal with frITid

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This friday we in frITid invites y’all to play futsal and you are all welcome to participate regardless of previous experience with futsal! There will also be bath and sauna directly after the futsal as usual.

If you are unsure how to find the gymnasium we in frITid will go from Hubben 15:15.

Date: 04/10 - 2019
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: The gymnasium in the student union building.

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Gameday 6/10

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Welcome to the Gameday LP1!

We will, the sixth of October be in hubben2.1 from 12-23

As per usual there will two CM's, in both analog and digital games, held during the Gameday

CM in Pair Mario Kart 14:01 - In every team of 2 players there will be one blindfolded and one to guide that person

CM in Pair Codenames 18:01 - Codenames is played according to the usual rules in teams of two

Food will be served later during the evening

So come and play games and socialize with Students from other Programs!


The Cinnamon roll day

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The Day of the Cinnamon roll is approaching and that means that FikIT emerges into the spotlight again.

On Friday, October 4th, we will be in Hubben during lunch and hand out free cinnamon rolls to celebrate this wonderful holiday! Come and eat one you too!

Badminton at Fjäderborgen

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  • 26 Sep, 15:30-17:30
  • Fjäderborgen, södra Viktoriagatan 44
  • Facebook
  • frITid

It's time for the next friday event with frITid! This time we will be in Fjäderborgen and play badminton!

Date: 27/9
Time: 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Fjäderborgen, södra Viktoriagatan 44
We will walk from Hubben at 15.10 if you want to come along.

You will have to sign up to be able to come. Follow this link to get to the form: https://forms.gle/rSNdaaFFTH736Ezd9

It'll be fun but, above all, fun!

Equalit annual meeting

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  • 1 Oct, 17:00-19:00
  • Grupprummet
  • Equalit

It's time for new creatie people to join the Equalit board!

Welcome to our annual meeting 1st of october 17.00 in the grouproom, Hubben. Everyone intereseted can join, express their opinion, give suggestions and most importantly join the board to continue working with equality,

Equalit works for all memebers of the division to feel included and be treated fairly, no matter the gender, sexual orientation, origin, age, interests etc. All this through different types of event and meets. Does this sound interesting or do you want to know more?

Dont hesitate to contact anyone in Equalit and ask more! See you 1st of October.

Magic Pre-Release with DrawIT

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Magic is once again on the menu. DrawIT will host their prerelease this Sunday (the 29th), this time for the new set Throne of Eldrain, with fairies and trolls (and gingerbread golems).
The prerelease is an excellent opportunity for anyone to play Magic regardless of background; the playing field is evened as everyone will be playing with a limited set of cards that will be provided.
Date: 29/9
Registration: Here
Price: 260SEK
Food: Will be served for 25kr around lunchtime
Place: Hubben 2.1
Time: registration 10:00 - 10:30, be on time!


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sᴇxIT'19 are hosting their last own gasque, but after almost a year as sᴇxIT we're extremly tired of prepping for "sittningar". We leave it up to you, fix it! Welcome to our DIY-gasque.

When: Friday 4 October
Where: Gasquen
Price: 90/80SEK (alcohol/non-alcoholic)
Ticketrelease: Thursday 26 September 12:01 at chalmers.it & at fb.
Afterparty: 22-03, 30/40kr
Don't forget to bring your ID!


Lunch lecture and Pub event with Facebook

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[Registration Below]

Facebook, together with DAG and ArmIT, invites you to a lunch lecture and pub event.
Join Facebook on Thursday 3rd October for drinks, food, a Q&A panel and opportunity to network and learn more about Software Engineering projects at Facebook.

When and where?
Lunch lecture is held between 12:00-13:00 in HC4
Pub event opens at 18:00 in Basen

Register here (Lunch lecture):

Register here (Pub event):

IT student division's involvement fair

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  • 24 Sep, 15:15-17:00
  • EDIT-Foajén
  • styrIT

On Tuesday next week (24/9) at 15:15-17:00, it is time for the IT student division's involvement fair in the EDIT-Foyer.
You will be able to ask the committees and societies all sorts of questions about their work.
This is also an excellent opportunity to learn when the aspiration period starts and when it's time for election for a specific committee or society.
There will also be food as well as fika.

IT student division's involvement fair,
Tuesday 24/9, 15:15-17:00 @ EDIT-Foyer
Meet committees and societies of IT and ask questions!
Food and fika will be served!

Rounders with IF

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F (Industrial Engineering and Management’s Sports Committee) is hosting a rounders tournament! Check out their Facebook event! If you’re interested, join the frITid slack channel #fritid to create a team.

The price is 100kr/team and will take place 29th of September at 10.01-15.

Ps. Don’t forget our first sports event tomorrow, we will be playing volleyball :smile:


LaggITs NolLAN!

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Laggit welcomes you all into the heat behind the computer screen for the first LAN party of the study year 27-29 September!

The event will take place in ML11-ML16 furthest in the Machinebuilding and we open doors at 18:01.

Entery is completely free so feel free to show up! For you without a computer we have both board- and console games. There will also be a lot of splitscreen games so do not hesitate to come if you do not have a computer to bring!

There will as usual also be soda and candy to buy for cheap prices.

Friday at 20:00 we will be playing jackbox and the same time saturday we will be playing warewolf.

Come and have fun playing games with us!

Workshop with digIT

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Do you want help developing digIT's services or get help/work on your own personal project?
We in digIT hosts workshops in Hubben on Thursdays 17:00 from study week 2 to 7.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous knowledge.