Digital systems

digIT is the committée that is tasked to maintain, and develop the digital systems of Hubben

digITs services includes chalmers.it, the IRC-server, as well as the projector, and computers in Hubben. Most of the projects maintained by the committée can be found on GitHub.

Do you have any idea on improvements our services? Get in touch with us and we can talk about it!

Current Members:

William 'Gurgy' Levén . root (Chairman) - Courage
A good man with both feets rooted to the ground. Gurgy makes sure that everything is as it should be in digIT.

Fredrik 'Feffe' Åberg. Cashier. - Friendship
Guards gold, pretends to work with bookkeeping, and plays with spreadsheets.

'Levis'. WebbChef - Sincerity
Is still stuck in vim after trying to modify digIT's Apache-config.

'Frodo'. Hubbenansvarig - Hope
After returning home from mordor, this hobbit decided that he wanted to stay here and take care of hubben.

'Tux'. Serverchef - Knowledge
Expert in spontaneous planed maintenance.

'NaN' . 1/0 - Love
As his duty NaN synchronizes the commities projects and work. When he's not undefined or busy eating pizza he tries to fix bugs and to the commitee's surprise, he sometimes manages to fix more than he creates.

'XiaoMing' . AdWare - Purity
The legends says that XiaoMing was choosen by the Pizza-gods. The rumours says that he calls Sannegården. The truth is still unclear.

'Lumo'. CloudLord - Light
While she isn't feeding her digital pets, she is taking care of the Cloud of digIT. Who knows what's living up there?



Cache controller







David 'Mölle' Möller




Arvid 'Earl Grey' Rydberg