Student Division

At Chalmers the student divisions are responsible for making sure that each student get the most out of their time here, both from their studies and from social life. For that purpose our division has a large array of committees, societies and clubs to make your time at Chalmers all that it can be.


Each student division has an inspector, who's task it is to help the student division board and ensuring that the the student division holds a consistent strategic course even as the board changes. The inspector is not a member of the division, and is elected to a two-year term by the student division meeting.

Current inspector: Samuel Bengmark

Honorary Members

An honorary member is a person who has made exceptional contributions the the student division. They are elected as token of gratitude for those contributions.

Jonas Sandberg, IT01

Jonas was elected honorary member because of he has done very much for the IT student division. Among other things, he built the bar in Hubben.

Anette Järelöw, former educational counsellor and member of the programme management team

Anette was elected honorary member for her extraordinary contributions as educational counsellor and in the programme management team, contributions which extended far beyond what her profession mandated.

The complete motivation for can be found in the student division meeting minutes from 2015-09-04.

Wolfgang Ahrend, former head of programme

Wolfgang was elected honorary member because of his patronage of the student culture and the student division's activities, and that he has truly been part of the student division and its events, with beautiful speeches and well executed jesting. Wolfgang has, like Anette, done far more than what his position mandated.

Samuel Bengmark, former head of programme and inspector

Samuel was elected honorary member due to founding the program and for his big influence on the program's culture and values.