Student Division Board

At Chalmers a student division has the responsibility to ensure that all students get the most out of their time at Chalmers, their education, as well as getting a good experience in their spare time. To achieve this, our student division have a large number of associations that work to give you the best possible experience. As the spider sits in its web, so sits StyrIT, the board of the division, atop the organization and makes sure that everything runs according to plan, and that the economy is working. StyrIT is continuously working towards the divisions development through maintaining by-laws, regulations and policies in agreement with the division's, the student union's and the university's guidelines.

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This is the current StyrIT! From left: Li 'nemo' Rönning (Member), Erik 'Swexbe' Johnsson (Treasurer), Vidar 'Vidde' Magnusson (Secretary), Johannes 'Baloo' Mattsson (Student Safety and Welfare Representative), Anders 'Spöket' Bäckelie (Member), William 'Gurgy' Levén (President), Erik 'Yeti' Magnusson (Member) och Karl 'NaN' Wikström (Vice President).

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