Summary of Student Division meeting 11/10-2018

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  • Erik Marberg from the Student Union has a few messages.
    • The student union have a few spots open for FUM.
    • There will be calculators present in the exam rooms now, but not sure how the logistics would work. So he encourages everyone to still bring their own just in case.
    • There is a registration for each course this year.
    • The union regularly sends surveys and he encourage everyone to answer them.
    • There is possible to ask for money before November 27th to arrange something.
  • The DPOs present how they will work with GDPR.
  • Project leader for the work fair Date-IT tells how to become a company host.
  • Chairman of StyrIT talks about FuM and how anyone can run for candidate.
  • Every committee presents their reports of activity since the last meeting.
  • Proposition about changing the local policy is accepted.
  • Proposition of changing the responsibilities for the DPOs is accepted.
  • Motion of a new budget for ArmIT is accepted.
  • Motion to clarify or change the mandate period for DigIT and ArmIT is accepted with a few changes.
  • Motion to correct the statute about person authorized to sign for a firm is accepted.
  • StyrIT, snIT, frITid and FanbärerIT will present their plans and budgets for their active year and are accepted
  • New DPOd are elected, Vidar Magnusson, Karl Wikström, Leo Carlsson and William Levén.
  • New accountants are to be appointed, Henry Yang and Agnes Mårdh.
  • New members of the Nomination Committee are to be appointed, chairman Jacob Pedersen, and members Ludvig Ekman, Erik Jergéus and Farzad Besharat.
  • New members to the Bachelor dinner Committee are to be appointed, Henry Yang, Eric Carlsson and Theodor Angergård.
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