Taco night - Join the Reception fun!

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Spring is all around us, soon it will be summer and the new master students will arrive! Let's help give them the best introduction to Chalmers together

What does it mean to be a Hangaround during the master reception?

  • Show up and have fun at master reception events
  • Hang around with the new master students
  • Provide some answers to questions they might have
  • Eat our food and drink our drinks
  • Relax and enjoy!

THAT'S IT! And all Hangarounds can expect something special as a thank you ...

To talk more about the master reception, we invite you all to a taco evening in Jup218 in Jupiter. There will be free tacos! Come along and get to know how you can join in September!

See you there!


What? Free tacos
When? the 7th of May 17:00
Where? Jup218 in Jupiter, Lindholmen

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