Opera Lunch Lecture - Building a cloud-ready application

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DAG and ArmIT invites you to the first lecture in a three-part lunch lecture series on fintech development.

Lunch will be served to the 100 first.

Part two (19/2) – “How we built a payment system from scratch”:
Part three (26/2) – “Practical Kotlin”:

Building a cloud-ready applivation:

All modern web applications live in the cloud and there are various processes involved. This talk begins with explaining how to have your infrastructure as part of the code, making any changes easy to review and log. Areas related to swiftly and safely deploying the application to the cloud are covered such as scalable builds with parallel tests, canary releases, elastic container services and auto scaling. All of these pros of agility could be achieved by designing the application to support them from its inception. This lecture covers the design phase and concludes with a review of the best practices of storing data in clusters and monitoring critical metrics and touches upon the chaos engineering concepts.

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