Magic the Gathering Draft

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While we are waiting for C20 (sometime next month by the way), DrawIT/DragIT presents a Modern Horizons draft! Those who know, know, but for those that do not know, this is what you need to know:

  • the format in question is draft: it is played with 3 boosters each, which is passed around the table
  • the set is Modern Horizons 1: it is a more complex set compared to the sets we have at our regular prereleases, but it should be manageable with some homework.

The date is a bit more flexible than usual, but preliminary 16/6. If you have concerns regarding the date, you can contact DrawIT; our goal is that as many as possible can play.

Place: TBA (probably EDIT)
Time: 13:00, 2019-06-16
Price: ca 200 SEK based on attendance

  • NOTE: it is free if you bring your own boosters
    Sign up: here

We will not be offering food, so come prepared!

Sp(h)eldag LP 3!

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  • 2 Mar, 11:59-12:00
  • Basen
  • Chalmers Game Socities


"Sp(h)eldag" incoming! Be there as we host a full day, approx 12 hours, of games of analogue and digital kind.

We will occupy Basen (southern corner of the EDIT-house) and co-host with a merry band of committees and societies.

As per usual, we will be hosting a pair of Chalmers Championships: Mario Kart 8 (14:00) and the Settlers of Catan (17:00)

Food is served fo' cheap, and that alone is worth the visit!

OBS: the event is open for everyone so we encourage you to bring whoever you think might be interested!

DrawIT Aspning!

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DrawIT smurf 1-1 non transparent

Study week 4 is approaching in which DrawIT will begin its "Aspning", i.e. a period dedicated to you that is considering a more active position in DrawIT where you will be able to get a feel for DrawIT's organisation. People who don't intend to actually join the DrawIT board are of course welcome as well, since these events will have a lot in common with our usual events.

Information regarding the events is listed here and on #aspa-drawit on the IT-slack, as well as IT's event calendar.


Study week 4:

  • Mon (11/2) 17:00 @Hubben2.1: Information dump, details regarding the Aspning as well as DrawIT's week to week work
  • Sun (17/2): gôtt hâng (hangout), cook some food, learn important trivia

Study week 5:

  • Wed (20/2): game night, preparation and practice
  • Sun (24/2): stock taking, plan for future purchases

Study week 6:

  • Wed(27/2): trial by fire, the aspirant's own game night
  • Sat (2/3): sp(h)eldag

Study week 7:

  • Wed (6/3): year meeting

DrawIT events LP 3

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DrawIT resumes! Starting this Wednesday (30/1, study week 2) and onwards to study week 7, DrawIT will be hosting their weekly boardgame nights. We offer boardgames, food and a wonderful environment! This is also the last period for the current DrawIT board, which implies that we will start our "aspning" (recruitment) for the next year. More info incoming, but save the date for Monday LV4.

Until then, we leave you with this picture of tomorrow's menu:


DrawIT Ravnica Allegiances Prerelease

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The years keep coming, similarly to new magic-sets. DrawIT will be hosting the usual magic prerelease for Ravnica Allegiance on sunday the 20:th of January (2019, no more, no less).

The procedure is mostly the usual:

  • registration starts at 10:00 (be there early if you want a specific guild)
  • deckbuilding starts at 10:30-ish, and round 1 starts 11:00-ish
  • food will be served after round 2, 13:00-ish
  • the price is 230 SEK (+25 SEK for food), payed on site

However, we will NOT be sending a confirmation mail. Instead, we ask of you to contact us if you are unable to attend. This is in order to allow as many players as possible to play.

Sign-ups at

Sp(h)eldag Study Period 2

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  • 8 Dec, 13:00-12:00
  • Basen
  • Facebook
  • Chalmers Spelföreningar


Woot! Sp(h)eldag* this Saturday, 8th of December @Basen! For those of you not familiar with what that entails; we will be offering a large selection of games, digital and analogue, as well as prestigious Chalmers Championships (CM). Everything arranged by various game societies from around Chalmers.

  • this is hard to translate
  • 100+ boardgames
  • console games
  • an arcade cabinet
  • CM in Dominion; the best boardgame you might've never played
    • Starting at 17:00

We hope that this sounds appealing! We'll be starting around 13:00 and keep the doors open until late.

We will be serving dinner for at a reasonable price.

If you can't show up this time, worry not! There will be another Sp(h)eldag LP3!

Boardgame night(s) study period 2!

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Woo! In contrast to the forthcoming study period's dreary weather and general misery, we at DrawIT will be hosting our game nights with open arms, for first graders and old people alike!

Our schdeule for the period will mostly be the same as usual, i.e. events every wednesday studyweeks 2 to 7 (1st on the 14th of November, last on the 19th of December). However, due the committee election period, there will be another section meeting which will eat up the boardgame night for LV4 (the 28th Nov.).

Furthermore, we'll be joining the Sp(h)eldag LV6 (the 15th Dec.), which will probably be held in "Basen"!

Sp(h)eldag LP 1 (Gameday Study Period 1)

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  • 29 Sep, 12:00-23:55
  • Hubben 2.1
  • Facebook
  • DrawIT


Games, analogue and digital
29/9, 12:00 - late, @Hubben2.1
Food will be served around 19:00

The "Sp(h)eldag" is approaching, and we promise you a day of fun for new and old alike. The Sp(h)eldag is a tried and true concept wherein Chalmers Game Societies get together to arrange twelve hours of entertainment.

We open the doors at around twelve o'clock, but will be allowing for drop-in the entire day. You can expect board games in the hundreds, an arcade cabinet, game consoles and Chalmers Championships (CM:s). This time around, we're competing in the old classic Carcasonne as well as the new addition Geoguessr.

You can expect good turnout from the section, but we also encourage you to bring your friends -- everyone is welcome!

So, be there, socialize and have fun!

P.S: we'll also take the opportunity to advertise DrawIT:s events for the remainder of the study period: study weeks 2 to 7, Wednesdays, 17:00 @Hubben2.1

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease

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DrawIT returns to returns to Ravnica™ to play Magic the Gathering™! The prerelease is a form of Magic that evens the playingfield by supplying all participants with cards.

Sign-ups at

Registration start at 10:00 so that we can get started at around 10:30.

Magic 30th of September, 10:00 @ Hubben 2.1
Price: 230 SEK
Food: maybe

DrawIT's Magic Prerelease Core2019

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  • 8 Jul, 10:00-18:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • Facebook
  • DrawIT


Finally Magic agai -- wait, didn't we do that just last week? Either way, in usual fashion DrawIT will be hosting a prerelease on the Sunday 8th of July. We play the so called Sealed format during the prerelease, wherein you're provided cards on the spot to construct a deck from.

Sign ups at

Registrations 10:00-10:30, be there!

We might be serving food at around 13:00, more information on that later

Magic 8th of July, 10:00 @ Hubben 2.1
Price: 230 SEK
Food: maybe

DrawIT's Battlebond Draft

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  • 9 Jun, 13:00-23:55
  • DrawIT


Magic again! A new supplementary set is coming in the form of Battlebond, where teamwork is a must.

Saturday the 9th of June, DrawIT hosts a draft open to everyone. You will be playing in pairs, so preferably bring a friend. However, we can help form teams on the spot.

The draft format is somewhat different to the regular prereleases that we hold, but in principle the same; you will be provided cards to construct a deck from. In this case, you will construct this deck together with your teammate.

There's a high chance for other spontaneous Magic-playing, if that is of interest.

Sign-up: (stänger 8/6)

Price: ~70 SEK

Time: 13:00
Place: Hubben 2.1
Food: nope, preferrably solve this beforehand

DrawIT's Prerelease

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New DrawIT, same prerelease! MtG's upcoming set Dominaria will be released at the end of the month, which means we'll be hosting a prerelease the 22nd of April. The prerelease is a great opportunity for both new players and interested outsiders to play the game, as everyone will be on even footing since the cards are supplied to you on the spot.

Sign-up at

DrawIT is serving food, costing 25 SEK.

Magic prerelease, 22nd of April @Hubben 2.1 kl 10:00
Sign-up at,
Food: yes à 25 SEK
Price: 230 SEK

DrawIT annual meeting

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Wednesday, February 28th, at 6:01 p.m. DrawIT will hold its annual meeting, where the future of DrawIT is decided, as well as a new board is elected. The agenda and budget can be found here. We ask you to submit any motions as soon as possible to so that we can publish them well in time for the meeting.

Food will be served to participants at around 5:45 p.m.

NOTE: the meeting will be held in Swedish.


Sp(h)eldag LP 3

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It's the third study period and we live in a dark and bitter Gothenburg-spring. In the midst of that, Chalmer's game societies have banded together against the gloom in order to light up the year by holding our sp(h)eldag!

The Sp(h)eldag is a reoccurring get-together where we dedicate an entire day to playing both digital and analogue games. The event is open for everyone, including those outside of Chalmers, and there's certainly something for everyone. Additionally, this time we are hosting Chalmers Championships in Smash Melee and 7Wonders.

There is no entry fee. We will sell snacks, as well as dinner towards the evening.

So show up, play games and enjoy!

TL;DR: 17/2 @Hubben 2.1, 12:00

DrawIT "aspning"

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It is time for DrawIT's "aspning"

We will kick it off with an info night monday the 5th of February, where us DrawIT-ers will talk a little about what we do and release more information regarding the rest of the "asp"-period.

Everything in Hubben 2.1:

MON 5th Feb, 17:15 - Info night
SUN 11th Feb, 11:00 - Hangout + planning
WED 14th Feb, 17:00 - Planning for new game purchases
SAT 17th Feb, 11:00 - Sp(h)eldag
WED 21th Feb, 17:00 - The asps game night

Of course there will be plenty of opportunities to play board games.


DrawIT's Rivals of Ixalan Magic Pre-release

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  • 14 Jan, 10:00-19:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • DrawIT


DrawIT's first event of the year will be a Magic pre-release in its usual fashion. Featuring the closing set of the Ixalan block before we cash in our pirate ships for dimension hopping sky boats and head for older places. In contrast to the dreary weather of Gothenburg, we will be able to experience, at least in picture, a verdant flora - with dinosaurs as an added bonus!

The pre-release is an excellent opportunity to play Magic, regardless of experience, since you'll be given cards to tinker with on the spot.

Sign up at, à 230 SEK which will be paid on game day.

We will be serving food.

Magic, 14th of January, Hubben 2.1 10:00
Food: yes à 25 SEK
Price: 230 SEK

Sp(h)eldagen LP2

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As we're approaching the middle point of the study period and while the exams are still comfortably distant, Chalmer's game socities will take that opportunity to co-arrange a day full of games LV4! You can expect games, both digital and analogue, uplifting people and hard fought Chalmers championships. This time we'll be competing at Mario Kart 8 and Dominion.

games and stuff, 25/11 12:00 @ Focus!


DrawIT 10 years anniversary

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- Hear, hear IT:ers from near and far. Legends speak of ancient times, during the eight year in the third millenium, and the founding of Deadly Random Association within IT. The society prospered, and in time grew to be the largest of its kind. Now, ten years later, the order... ten years old, which of course means we will be celebrating by throwing a sittning [sic]! In classical DrawIT fashion, we will offer you delicious food and a perfect mix of community and games...-ish.

sittnigsafich liggande

The thing will go down the 18th of November. Tickets can be purchased starting this Monday (13th) at 12:01, either from here at

or from our Facebook page

P.S. the event is for DrawIT-members only, but you can still become a member at

Sp(h)eldagen LV 5

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The time for Sp(h)eldag is rapdily approaching, a well-proven and thoroughly enjoyed concept featuring a full day of games. A large part of Chalmers game societies will be arranging this get-together, together, where you can find an unhealthy concentration of games, both of the digital and analogue kind. This time the event will be held in Hubben 2.1. You will also be able to buy food for a modest price around 17:00.

Another important part of these sp(h)eldags are the Chalemers championships. This time around, the competition will be held in Carcassonne (19:00) and Super Smash Bros Wii U (13:00).

The entire thing is free and open for everyone.

Sp(h)eldag @ Hubben 2.1 - 30 september kl 12:00, be there!

DrawIT's Ixalan Prerelease

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  • 24 Sep, 10:00-20:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • DrawIT


"YarrRRRrrr!" as the vampire/merman/dinosaur pirate once said. As we see another Magic the Gathering release appearing on the horizon, DrawIT is as per usual organizing a pre release event here at Hubben 2.1. You can show up to play Magic without owning a single card and play for excellent prizes, such as Magic cards and honor.

Food is served during the event.

Price: 230 SEK

Sign-up >>here!<<