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  • 18 Jan, 18:01-02:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • sexIT


Celebrate that exams are finally over and join sexIT at our ET-Raj on Saturday 18/01-20

What: ET-Raj
Where: Hubben 2.1
When: 18/01-20
Time: 18:01-late


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Thursday the 28th of November will be the time for the yearly Mexico gasque! Grab your best Sombrero and be hyped!
Ticketrelease will be at 18:01 Sunday the 24th of November on and on fb.

Where: Gasquen
When: Torsdag 28/11 kl 17:31
Afterparty: 22-01, 30/40kr (chalmerist/non-chalmerist)
Don't forget your ID



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sᴇxIT'19 are hosting their last own gasque, but after almost a year as sᴇxIT we're extremly tired of prepping for "sittningar". We leave it up to you, fix it! Welcome to our DIY-gasque.

When: Friday 4 October
Where: Gasquen
Price: 90/80SEK (alcohol/non-alcoholic)
Ticketrelease: Thursday 26 September 12:01 at & at fb.
Afterparty: 22-03, 30/40kr
Don't forget to bring your ID!


E.T.s Raj

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  • 23 Mar, 18:31-03:00
  • hubben 2.1
  • sexIT


The exams are finally over and sexIT invites you to E.T.s raj.

WHERE: hubben 2.1
WHEN: Saturday 23 March
TIME: 18:31-late


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Have you also heard that everything was better before?
Are you already longing for the day when you retire?
Who's winning CM in boule and is it true, what we all suspect, that exIT is cheating at bingo?
Join sexIT19s first gasque and all your questions about being old will be answered.

Where: at the Gasque
When: Saturday 16/2 drinks will be served at 17:31
Price: 80/90 SEK (without/with alcohol)
Tickets will be released on Monday 11/2 in this event and on
Afterparty: 22:00-03:00
Don't forget to bring your ID & studentcard!