P.R.I.T. by-election

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P.R.I.T.’20 has 3 open spots for additional members in the committee. If you’re interested, you can talk with one of the current members, write on Slack or mail us at prit20@chalmers.it.

If you’re interested, it's a perfect moment to show off yourself and test how well you work with the group by helping us with the pub in study period 3. Hit us up!

Best regards,

Hackathon with Omegapoint

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  • 16 Feb, 08:00-17:00
  • Adress: Rosenlundsgatan 3, 411 20 Göteborg
  • Facebook
  • digIT


This Saturday (the 16th of February) digIT along side Omegapoint will arrange a hackathon! The theme for the day will be productivity; everything from a calendar app to a program that prevents you from procrastinating!

The doors to the hackathon will open at 8am, but of course it's just fine to drop in later! Some info will be given a bit later in the morning (at approximately 9:30am).

There will be snacks and drinks all day and at noon there will be pizzas for all participants that sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/wUF6nz4VOYWBYYq73

If you didn't come to the mingle, then don't worry because it's totally fine to come anyway and get a group when you get there!!

What? Hackathon with Omegapoint with the theme productivity.
Where? Rosenlundsgatan 3, 411 20, Gothenburg
When? Saturday the 16th of February, 8:00am
Sign-up for pizza: https://goo.gl/forms/wUF6nz4VOYWBYYq73

Dinner party for the students finishing the bachelor programme

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Hello everyone who is finishing their bachelor programme this spring.

The yearly dinner party for the students finishing the bachelor program will be held may 3th. If you are a part of the IT program and finishing your thesis this spring you can join your classmates at a nice dinner to celebrate finishing the first part of your education. You can show your interest by filling in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/mJJWqgdB9ZEZpSTG2. Note that this is not binding.

With kind regards
Kandidatmiddagsgruppen 2019.

Advent of Code & Glögg

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  • 7 Dec, 17:01-02:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • digIT

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Code & Wine, but with a christmas twist. Bring your computer this friday for a chill code night in Hubben 2.1. We will serve "glögg" and gingerbread cookies for the ultimate christmas feeling. We will during the evening try to solve the problems from this years Advent of Code (https://adventofcode.com/). You're welcome as always to code your own project, or help us with our services, or just come by for some nice Friday company! <3

Code & Wine

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  • 20 Apr, 17:00-03:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • digIT

The image is meant to be viewed in a ironic and humoristic manner, and we do NOT encourage alcoholconsumption, rather you can just as well drink something non-alcoholic. The only thing we care about is that you show up and have a good time <3

Have you ever spilled coffee over your keyboard and wondered why it wasn’t wine? Then you should come and sip on a glass of arbitrary while typing till your keys start to bleed at digIT’s "ViSomGettOssFanPåAttKodaIställetFörAttGåPåVsgofpabcg” - Code & Wine this Friday, the 20th of April at 17.00!
At Code & Wine you have the chance to use digIT’s knowledge to either learn something interesting, get help with some problem or just have a nice evening!

Nb! This event is B.Y.O.B.

Xoxo PRibb o PRubb <3

What can we do for improve the environment in Hubben?

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Earlier this week, P.R.I.T. had a cleaning workshop, discussing how we can improve the environment in Hubben and make the cleaning process become better. Since not everyone had the possibility some of you to come or if you came up with a better idea after the meeting, there’s still a chance to make a change. Fill in this form if you have an idea and we will be extremely happy.

Happy Easter!
Smurfs greetings P.R.I.T.