Seeking graduates that want learn a modern tech stack and make a difference

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In cooperation with Opera
The Opera Software office in Gothenburg is located centrally next to Domkyrkan. Our engineering teams are building an exciting mobile payment product for the African market together with our Nigerian colleagues and are making a real impact in the everyday life of people that don’t have easy access to banking services.

We are growing our business rapidly and have sailed up as the second largest mobile money provider in Nigeria in a matter of months and will soon be ahead of the competition. To keep pace with the rapidly growing business needs we need to expand our excellent and international engineering team and we’re looking for newly (or soon to be) graduated engineers.

We would like you to join us for the journey to build the future of mobile payments, first in Nigeria and then across Africa. We’re confident we can help you take the step from graduate to world class engineer and become proficient in a modern tech stack.,%20SE&department=Payment#positions

Career Opportunities: Ericsson Early Career Program

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Our INNOVATE Early Careers Program focuses on technology leadership. Our aim is to attract and guide the most talented, innovative and creative technology minds.

We offer you the opportunity to engage with the most exciting technology on the planet and the challenges it brings. We’ll give you an awesome career that uses technology to change how we live, work and connect our communities, but you’ll have the passion and drive to make the future happen.

Your journey into the Innovate Program will start as a Product Development Leader trainee at Packet Core in Göteborg.
For more information and application:


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In cooperation with Satcube
Satcube is currently looking for an embedded engineer for our development team in Gothenburg. We develop a portable satellite terminal that can quickly be set up in crisis-affected areas to establish a fast internet link. We are a small company that can offer you varied and challenged tasks in a global industry!

Mingle event with Ericsson

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  • 1 Apr, 17:00-20:00
  • Basen
  • Facebook
  • Datateknologsektionens arbetsmarknadsgrupp, DAG and ArmIT

Monday the 1 of April Ericsson will come visit campus and invites you to join them in Basen for some food and drinks and a chance to mingle with representatives from Ericsson.

There is no registration needed but for us to be able to know approximate how many students will come and for us to be able to cater to food preferences there will be a RSVP form. Please submit your food preferences before Thursday 28/3 at 20 o’clock:

Ericsson is currently hiring for the positions listed below and the hiring managers will be present during the evening to answer you questions and tell you more about the different positions.
Cloud Native developer Packet Core Gateway -

Packet Core Developer -

Data analytics developer -

Data analytics developer -

Packet Core Controller Developer -

Developer to create the world's best user plane -


Sigma Young Talent

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In cooperation with Sigma
On Thursday, March 14, between 11.00-13.30, we at Sigma Young Talent will be present at the EDIT entrance at Linsen to tell about our graduate programs in collaboration with Telia, Ascom and Volvo Car Retail Solutions. Come by us, and we'll tell you more and offer cinnamon buns!

Newly graduated?

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In cooperation with Visma

Are you graduating for the summer and are interested in working in one of Europe's leading tech groups?

Visma now recruits new-developed developers, consultants and project managers around Sweden and is very interested in getting in touch with you!

You can find all our vacancies at Visma's career page

We look forward to hearing from you!

The deadline for applications is Sunday 10th of March
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Aspect closure with ArmIT and DAY | Bowling, food!

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  • 21 Feb, 17:15-11:59
  • Chalmershlp
  • Facebook
  • ArmIT, DAG

ArmIT and DAG invite something to see before, namely a common aspen ending!

WHERE?: Collection at 17:15 at the Chalmers campsite.
HOW!?: Going to the unclear destination around Majorna to eat, at 7am we go on to Majorna Bowling to play bowling !!
THEN!?: For the brave warriors, we continue to discuss future roles around Järntorget.
First come first served where food and bowling are included, please register on the form below:

Opera Lunch Lecture - Building a cloud-ready application

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DAG and ArmIT invites you to the first lecture in a three-part lunch lecture series on fintech development.

Lunch will be served to the 100 first.

Part two (19/2) – “How we built a payment system from scratch”:
Part three (26/2) – “Practical Kotlin”:

Building a cloud-ready applivation:

All modern web applications live in the cloud and there are various processes involved. This talk begins with explaining how to have your infrastructure as part of the code, making any changes easy to review and log. Areas related to swiftly and safely deploying the application to the cloud are covered such as scalable builds with parallel tests, canary releases, elastic container services and auto scaling. All of these pros of agility could be achieved by designing the application to support them from its inception. This lecture covers the design phase and concludes with a review of the best practices of storing data in clusters and monitoring critical metrics and touches upon the chaos engineering concepts.

lunch lecture dinner party

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(This event will be held in swedish)
ArmIT with asparagus presents the WORLD'S first lunch lecture session in the evening. Patetus engineer comes and holds a talk about ArmpIT of things.

During the event, three-course lunch is served, including pre-drink and seat drinks.

After the event, a party is also organized in Hubben.

When? 18:01
Where? Collection at / in / outside the hub
Price? 80: -

Don't forget to sign up on the form below:

Aspa ArmIT

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Vill du få en större inblick i arbetsmarknaden och vad det finns för jobbmöjligheter, bli expert på att maila, lära känna andra drivna studenter på Chalmers samt vara med och arrangera DatE-IT-mässan som ca 2000 studenter besöker varje år? Efter ett år i ArmIT är du garanterad allt detta! Du kommer även lära dig mer om sälj, jobba i team, lära känna oss och håva in massa para till sektionen.

Ta chansen att söka en kommitté som bidrar till stor personlig utveckling samt låter dig äta så mycket pizza att du tröttnar. Aspningen börjar på tisdag och nedan finner du resten av aspschemat:

LFSK 22 jan
CESA lunchföreläsning 29 jan
LFS 1 feb
Drömmen om DatE-IT 7 feb
Resa till Lund 13-14 feb
Avslutning 21 feb

ArmITs priced Et-rejv | beer pong

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To IT-studenter at 18!

Xamera, beer pong. IT-students have priority for sign-up that will be posted soon.

Karaoke and rejv

Remember: BYOB

See u there!

Don't forget to ASPA ArmIT
Best event 1a feb, save the date

After work at Cybercom's office

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Welcome to an interesting evening in Cybercoms recently opened office space in Lindholmen Science Park. At the office we get to know more about Cybercom, see their Innovation zone and meet consultants and others who work for the company. Pizza, Beer and other beverages will be served.

Don't forget to sign up on the form below:

Lunch Seminar with Cybercom

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Welcome to a lunch seminar with Cybercom!

Cybercom will talk about what they do and some exciting technologies that they use.

Baguettes will be served to the 100 first attendees.

Oslo trip and work offers with BEKK!

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ArmIT, DAG and BEKK invites you that study 3'rd to 5'th year on a trip to Oslo where we will visit BEKKs office the 9'th to 10'th of October. The bus will leave early in the morning from Chalmers the 9'th and will be back around lunch the day after.
For more information and registration, visit:

BEKK is also searching for newly graduates and summer workers! More information below!

BEKK is looking for newly graduate developers for start in August 2019 in Oslo or Trondheim.
Read more at:

BEKK is looking for students that can participate in the developing projects suring the summer 2019.
Read more at:

Student night at Trivector!

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Skärmavbild 2018-09-24 kl. 18.23.23
-In collaboration with Trivector-

Trivector invites you to a student night. It is suitable for those who have an interest in urban planning and similar topics. You can also check out their ex-job proposal on their website:

Time: 10 October 2018 at.17.00, Location: Trivector · Odinsgatan 10 Göteborg Registration (with food pref.): Latest 1 October at:


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-- Event hosted by Chalmers Studentkår Promotion --

Join Facebook on Thursday 4th October at 12pm at HA1, Hörsalsvägen 1, to learn how to put your best foot forward at this Crush Your Coding Interview Workshop. This presentation will cover:

  • How to walk through an algorithm problem,
  • How to brainstorm solutions,
  • How to discuss the problem with your interviewer,
  • How to write (and test) code on a whiteboard

Please register your attendance on the registration link in the event:

We look forward to meeting you!
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Accenture Norway is recruiting

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Accenture Norway Recruiting image
-In collaboration with Accenture-
Are you studying year 3, 4 or 5 for your education? Then don't miss to apply for Accenture Norway Summer Internship or Graduate Programme!

Links and more detailed information is attached below!

Accenture Graduate Programme – Oslo, Hösten 2019

Accenture Summer Internship – Oslo, Sommaren 2019
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Machine Learning & Innovation at Ericsson

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ArmIT and Ericsson invite all IT and D students to a lunch seminar. Pizza will be served to the 100 first attendees. Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten intolerant options will also be served.
The seminar will be held in HA3 at 12.00. The team from Ericsson will talk about training a robot to detect a human’s interest in conversation through eye gaze estimation with machine learning. It will also be about what they do in Ericsson Garage Gothenburg and how you can be a part of what we they do.

Ericsson Garage Gothenburg is a meeting place, incubator and collaboration platform for innovation. One of the focus areas is AI, and their 5G connected chatbot which provide one of the means for doing AI. This talk will be about what we do in Ericsson Garage Gothenburg and how you can be a part of what we do.

New Minds Academy

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Skärmavbild 2018-09-07 kl. 18.45.21
-Post in cooperation with New Minds-

New Minds help you with ex-job and employment after studies!

New Minds Academy is their 12-month program where they work together with interesting and innovative companies to give you an optimal start on the career.
During the year you will take part of several events where you can broaden your network and share thoughts with other participants.

Probably the best part is that after you have finished the academy you get an employment directly with their cooperating partners.

Visit their ex-job day that is held in October for more information!
For further information and registration, visit: