(professional) Coffee tasting with Erik Lundin (Kudde)

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Professional coffee tasting with Erik Lundin who has worked as a Barista for 6+ years and took part in Aeropress SM.

Plats: Hubben 2.1
Tid: 18:00
Date: 9th May
Pris: 38 kr

Sign-up*: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZOu2tNvNoa_e3pn2qRKImTreHh4ME5bzuoqExtzLqD9Q9vA/viewform?usp=sf_link

  • on the sign-up page there is a video/picture when Andréas (fishur) took a BATH IN POSEIDON in honor of Frölundas SM gold last Thursday (the 2nd of May)!


FanbärerIT Aspning

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FanbärerIT has now begun the sears for new members! To keep track of events and of the "Aspning" join the IT-slack-channel #fanbärerit-aspar

Highest regards,


Museum with FanbärerIT

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Guided tour at Göteborg Konstmuseum!

We meet at 16:30 in Hubben and then ascend down to the Museum in a group.

Price: FREE (60 kr entry fee for 25 years and older)
When: 7 Mars 16:30
Dress code: Chalmers hat is encouraged

Sign up (contact FanbärerIT if you need help with it):

In highest regards,
Andréas, President FanbärerIT 18/19

Glöggmys with FanbärerIT

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On the 11th of December, FanbärerIT invites you to an evening of cozy atmosphere, mulled wine of various types and some appetizers. Come and celebrate the magic of Christmas with us!

For this event, we ask 40 SEK paid via swish. Mulled wine and appetizers included.

There might be a quiz which will most probably be held in Swedish

When: 11/12 18:30
Where: Hubben 2.1
Price: 40 SEK
Dress code: Come as your self! You are welcome to dress up as much as you want as well as decorate your self with
18+ year age restriction

Tickets (sign up will cloe on 10/12):

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Yours Truly


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Date: 29:th of September
Location: Bulten
Dresscode: Business casual

Welcome to FanbärerITs traditional and enriching Cocktail evening in Bulten on the 29th of September. When the nights grow longer and the studies have started yet again after the summers long dormancy, we open the doors for an evening with good company and the best selection of classic cocktails.

Dress code is business casual, however, if you have a tailcoat/ball gown you are more than welcome to wear these.

You can of crouse bring a non-chalmers friend to this fine culinary evening!

If any questions should arise, please do not hesitate to contact FanbärerIT.

Faithfully yours,

HookIT Årsmöte!

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Bordning i Hubben och alla saltstänkta pirater och landkrabbor skall med!
Då var det återigen dags för det eminenta "årliga"årsmötet! Det kommer äga rum den 19:e februari i Hubben kl. 17:00. Under mötet kommer en ny styrelse väljas in. Mötet kommer vara klart i såpass tid så att man hinner gå på Beachgasquen!

Vi kommer att ha häfvøhl men annars är det BYOB som gäller!

Krokar och kanonkulor




The yearly HookIT meeting is on the horizon! On the meeting a new committiee will be elected!
Date: 19/2 -16
Time: 17:00
Place: Hubben 2.1

Hooks and Cannonballs