DrawIT's Battlebond Draft

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  • 9 Jun, 13:00-23:55
  • DrawIT


Magic again! A new supplementary set is coming in the form of Battlebond, where teamwork is a must.

Saturday the 9th of June, DrawIT hosts a draft open to everyone. You will be playing in pairs, so preferably bring a friend. However, we can help form teams on the spot.

The draft format is somewhat different to the regular prereleases that we hold, but in principle the same; you will be provided cards to construct a deck from. In this case, you will construct this deck together with your teammate.

There's a high chance for other spontaneous Magic-playing, if that is of interest.

Sign-up: https://goo.gl/mEGcAA (stänger 8/6)

Price: ~70 SEK

Time: 13:00
Place: Hubben 2.1
Food: nope, preferrably solve this beforehand

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