DrawIT Gamenight!

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  • 6 Sep, 17:00-00:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • DrawIT

Tomorrow the 6th of September will be the day for the first of many recurring DrawIT gamenights, the most fantastic of events!
There will be games, food and fun for all, starting at 17:00 in hubben(ending when there's nobody left) where you can pick and choose among our large selection of excellent games.
As mentioned there will be food served which can be purchased at a cheap price, there will also be candy, soda and other tasty things for sale during the evening!
This will be the first gamenight during LP1 and there will continue to be gamenights EVERY WEDNESDAY until the start of LP2 when DrawIT as always take a one week break every new period.

Wednesday, 17:00 in hubben, games and yet more games, be there or be a geometric shape of your choice.

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