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Hi everyone!
Due to the current situation, we have decided to cancel our aspiration information event. Instead we have a registration of interest here where you can fill in if you’re interested in aspiring for, or applying to styrIT. Below follows some information about styrIT, first some general information and then information regarding the individual positions in the board.

What does styrIT do?
styrIT is the board of the IT division and works with a wide range of questions, many of which may not be noticed by a lot of our division members. Partly there are things that we are required to do as defined in the division statute and ruleset, among these are to lead the function of the division, calling to division meetings each study period as well as acting as the substitute för the division meeting in its absence. Apart from this styrIT is rather open to whatever one wants to do and sometimes they have to respond to current situations. As styrIT one often gets to work a lot with the school as well as the central student union. During the year 19/20 we have worked on, apart from the operative functions, things such as getting a new division facility on the Lindholmen campus, getting a curator on campus, digitizing the accounting on the section and a lot more.

As president of the board, your responsibility is not only to lead the group but also to represent the division and its members. Also, together with the treasurer, you have the ultimate responsibility for the entire division's operations and finances.

Leading the group means ensuring that the other board members can work and feel well while doing so. This is often done by planning work and meetings so that everyone's opinions can emerge as well as being vigilant about what works and does not work in the group. During my year, I also held employee interviews with the others on the board to develop my leadership and ensure that everyone else on the board gets as good opportunities as possible to develop themselves.

Representing the division means that you need to be sensitive to different opinions and try to summarize them to fairly represent what the division wants in meetings with the student union and the university. At the meetings, you will have the opportunity to influence the activities of both the university and the student union. With great power comes great responsibility; what I think has been most difficult during my year as division president has been to know what the division really wants and what will be best for the division, luckily I have received a lot of help from the rest of the board with this.

By being division president, I have been able to influence and make decisions that hopefully will benefit the division many years to come. I have been able to develop my leadership and test the boundaries of my abilities. I have also been able to create great networks, and above all got to know an absolutely fantastic group of people who sat on the board with me.

If you are interested in applying, please contact me so we can talk about the questions you have and what the post would mean for you.

StyrIT's treasurer handles the division’s financial resources. They are also responsible for the division’s accounting system and for teaching this along with the general treasurer's work to committee treasurers. During the year they also need to support the division's committee treasurers when they come up with difficult situations regarding finances.

The treasurer also needs to keep a regular watch on the division's finances and learn the laws and regulations regarding finances in order to be helpful during board & section meetings.

In addition to this, you are also a regular board member and a large part of the time goes to doing what you want and are interested in, just like everyone else on the board.

As SAMO in styrIT, your responsibility is to represent the student divisions opinions on work environment and psychosocial health. You will work a lot with the university to improve the work environment by going on inspection rounds, noting what is bad for the work environment, taking up suggestions for how it can be better. It also means talking to other division members to get an idea of ​​where the problems with the premises are and how the premises could be better.

To continue with the psychosocial part, it is mostly the same as the work environment but focuses on how people feel instead. It sometimes means that you have to take difficult conversations in order to be able to refer people to where they can get support and help. It is important that in the end, the Program Manager is always ultimately responsible and not you personally! In addition to the program manager, there is also some contact with Sara Thornadtsson Chavarria, who is gender equality and equal treatment coordinator at the university.

There will be some work that is similar to snIT's work because it can often go hand in hand that a course has poor quality and therefore those who take it feel bad. So it is important to communicate with them in such situations.

Finally, you not only have your board and the university to rely on. But to carry out projects that improve the working environment and the psychosocial environment, there is also the student union where you will have a lot of contact with the Student Welfare Officer and SU, the committee for all SAMOs. SU is twice per study period and is the best forum for exchanging ideas and getting support, as many problems and projects are common for all divisions. SU has been the best part of being SAMO.

The most important thing in SAMO's work is simply to listen to division members and have a lot of empathy. So that you can make your and others' voice heard towards the university! If that sounds like something for you then we can talk more!

Vice President
As vice president of the board your choice of work is fairly free but you have two main responsibilities: you’re the entertainment manager and you’re responsible for the chair meetings throughout the year.
As the entertainment manager in charge the vice president usually handles matters regarding culture and entertainment on the student division. These vary from year to year but could for example be conducting a survey of the student culture and entertainment life on the division. And then trying to make those matters reflect what the students of the division really want like we’re doing this year (something that is long overdue).
The second part is the chair meetings. These meetings are between the chairs of the different committees and societies within the division and often deals with topics that affect larger parts of the division.

Another task is to assist the president when needed. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your job but it naturally falls on you if nothing else is said. Apart from these things the role is very free and you’ll get lots of time to work on projects in the division that are in your interest so take advantage of that!

The secretary of the board is a, by the division ruleset, defined post in the board which is responsible for keeping records of the board meetings as well as making sure that the board and division meetings are published in a correct manner. Apart from this, it’s a rather open post that one can choose to do whatever one feels like or whatever is required at the time. During the past year (as well as some previous years) the secretary has also handled a lot of the surrounding work for the division meetings such as calling to the meeting, writing a suggestion for the agenda and nominating themself as the division meetings secretary.

Member of the board
As a member, you have no specific task. The role can thus be interpreted fairly freely, but in the past year, our members have worked to both supporting the other committé members, and also helping with tasks that do not fall into any clear category. In addition to the immediately supporting role, there is also the opportunity to take on and manage your own projects within styrIT, as you do not have a fixed role that eats all of your time. As this role changes depending on what you do with it, it is also the most flexible post in terms of time.

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