Information about covid-19, the coronavirus (updated 22/3)

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Hi, as you probably know, there is a lot of talk about corona right now and Chalmers, the student union and the student division are doing what we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

What you can do yourself is to maintain good hand hygiene and stay home if you have flu-like symptoms (even if they are mild).

There is also a lot of misinformation about the virus, so be critical and keep an eye on official sources such as the public health authority's website

If you get sick

If you suspect that you have been infected by the coronavirus, please notify the Board by email at (the entire board), (Baloo only) or (Gurgy only) so that we can follow the spread of the virus on the student division. We will handle your mail anonymously and only use non-identifying information to prevent further spread of infection in the student division.

If you get sick, no matter what kind of illness, don't forget that there is info from Chalmers about the support you can get then. E.g. Sickness benefits from the Social Insurance Office and lower requirements from CSN if you report sickness to them.
If you feel uneasy or feel bad and need to talk to someone, Feelgood is there. Remember that everything is study-related if it affects your studies!
The university has more info on student health care.


Below you can read about what Chalmers do to prevent the spread of infection and how it affects you.

The University

All teaching for SP4 will be remote.

The university also has an info page on covid-19 with more guidelines and information.

The Student Union

They also have an info page on covid-19 with updated information.

The student division

The student division will cancel larger (cross-divisional) events-
The board also recommends all events that are not essential to operations to close.

We closely monitor the development of events and will adjust decisions as needed.

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