Student Division meeting protocol LP3

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Meeting protocol

Is found here

Meeting protocol in short

Motions and propositions

The meeting approved all motions and propositions, with some changes.


The internal revision looked good, and NollKIT19 as well as MRCIT19 were responsibility exempt.


One interpellation concerning blacklists were answered by the board.

Operating plans

Operational plan and budgets for NollKIT, P.R.I.T. and sexIT were approved.


We had elections and the following was elected.


Vi hade inval, och följande blev invalda.

  • digIT
    • William Albertsson - Chairman
    • Li Rönning - Treasurer
    • Rasmus Rosengren - Member
    • Dino Pasalic - Member
    • Joakim Anderlind - Member
    • Pontus Lindblom - Member
    • Erik Johnsson - Member
  • ArmIT
    • Lenia Malki - Chairman
    • Artin Abiri - Treasurer
    • Johanna Wiberg - Secretary
    • Naomi Espinosa - Member
    • Oscar Forsberg - Member
    • Edenia Isaac - Member
    • Viktoria Welzel - Member
    • Jo/uploads/media/2020/03/chart-32c9aefdb12.pnghan Gottlander - Member

If you want a breakdown of what took time on the meeting: Breakdown of time spent on the meeting.

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