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As usual, a lot has happened since the last, but we will start with the good news.

The new student facility at Lindholmen will open in study week 1, i.e. March 23rd. It's called The CLOUD and will be equipped with brand new furniture as well as free coffee to meet the needs at Lindholmen. If you have any suggestions for the room, please feel free to contact Exact location will be available on opening day.

Something that does not affect the student division, but the university and thus your studies, is Chalmers' project "economy in balance". The short version is that Chalmers needs to save a lot of money and are now looking for ways to do so. This can lead to some changes, such as a larger intake on the bachelor program next year.

At present, there is a proposal to expand the IT bachelor program so that we will have about 150 first year students next year instead of 120. Nothing has yet been decided on this proposal, but we are actively participating in the risk analysis work to ensure that the university can make an informed decision.

Last but not least, we also have some news about the kitchen in Hubben. We have now received an okey from the property owner and a quotation. Unfortunately, the cost of the new kitchen is about 1.1 million and the university can't co-finance the construction because of "economy in balance". We do therefore not feel that it is justifiable to spend so much of the section's money on a kitchen when we do not own the property and Hubben probably has to be changed in the near future to accommodate more students. However, an opportunity that remains is to co-finance with the property owner, something we are currently investigating.

That was all for this time. If you have any questions or concerns, you can, as usual, contact us at

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