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Now this spring LaggIT will be arranging the Chalmers Championships in Counter-Strike!
The tournament will run between the 23rd of march and the 3rd of april.

All are welcome to register a team for the tournament no matter your skill level. The only requirement is that at least three of the members are chalmers students.

First price will be five tickets to Dreamhacks summer LAN with a value of 5000 sek!

Many of the matches will be streamed on Twitch with live casters. Here is our twitch channel:
We will post in this facebook event before we go live.

All games will be played online, meaning there will be no need for you to haul around your PC rig in the rain. To prohibit cheating there will be the requirement for all participants to install anti cheat software. The participants will also have to record demos after every game that they send in to us after a finished game.

All the matches will be single elimination, meaning there will be no need to play many playoff matches. In the beginning it will be best of one and towards the end it will be best of three.

The last day to register a team is march 15th, so don’t hesitate to register!

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