DrawIT aspning!

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The DrawIT aspning has begun!

Already on Tuesday LV1 it starts of with a presentation from the current board about our operations!

The schedule is in the image but will also be in english below! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach us on messenger, mail or through Slack!

Tuesday LV1 - 17:31 Info and preparations - Info about how DrawIT a game night and a GameDay works
Sunday LV2 - Try out old games! - Come and try the less loved games and see if you can find some new favorites!
Someday LV3 - Visiting Axfood! - Axfood is were we get our candy and soda, maybe you can find something new for us to buy!
Saturday LV4 - Masterchef DrawIT - Cook some food and let DrawIT and the other contestants try it out!
Sunday Lv5 - Hang out with DrawIT - A chill night with fun times!
Saturday LV6 - A standard GameDay were you will be able to meet other Student divisions and their game associations
Wednesday LV7 - Yearly meeting! - This is, if you've been nice, where you can join the DrawIT board or vote for your favorite person!


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