frITid presents SUPER-SPORT-WEEK

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December is soon here but the snow show no signs of arriving, many are asking for where to find the hope necessary to endure the winter. Fear not, frITid has the answers yoi are seeking! A week filled to the brim with events!

We start the week with Table tennis on Friday the 6:th of december, we continue with squash on sunday the 8:th and thereafter we end this sport-frenzy with bouldering on Sunday the 10:th. Registration is required for all events and we have a limited amount of spots. You find more information of the specific event below.

Table tennis
Time: 16-18
Place: Göteborg pingis förbund, Parkgatan 35, 411 38 Göteborg
Registration and information: Monday 2/12

Time: 15:15-16:45
Place: Landala squash hall, Landala torg
Registration and information: Monday 2/12

Time: kl 17-19
Place: Klätterlabbet Fysiken, Elektrovägen 1
Registration and information: Tuesday 3/12

Come on, it will be fun, fun and fun! But above all, great, great and great!

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