Student Division meeting protocol LP1

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Meeting protocol

Is found here

Meeting protocol in short

Motions and propositions

The meeting approved all motions and propositions with a few changes


The internal revision looked good, and ArmIT 18/19, frITid 18/19, P.R.I.T. 2018, snIT 18/19 and MRCIT 18/19 were responsibility exempt.

Operating plans

Operating plans and budgets were approved with small changes. Bigger changes are listed below.


We had elections and the following was elected.

  • Aniversery dinner group
    • Karl Wikström
    • Vidar Magnusson
    • William Levén
  • Data Protection Officers
    • Joakim Hulthe
    • Theodor Angergård
    • Vidar Magnusson
    • Gustav Engsmyre
  • Bachelor dinner group
    • No one, if you are interested in applying you can contact the board on
  • Auditors
    • Henry Yang
    • Gustav Lahti
  • Bielection of the election committe
    • Tina Samimian
    • Elin Nilsson

If you want a breakdown of what took time on the meeting: Breakdown of time spent on the meeting

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