October dinner party -- Kid's Party

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Welcome to P.R.I.T.s birthday party!

On saturday, the 19th of october, we will celebrate P.R.I.T.’s birthday and we hope you can come! We will have the party at home, in Hubben 2.1, Hörsalsvägen 9 at 18:31. We have the theme “front and rear”, so bring your most backwards clothes. It will be very fun!

Feel free to bring an unwrapped gift so we can wrap it together when you come.
Tell us if you can come when we have ticket release next monday, 14th of october, more information will come on chalmers.it and facebook. You’ll pay us the following wednesday, 16th of october.

When: Saturday 19th of october, predrinks will be served at 18:31
Where: Hubben 2.1
Dress code: Back and forwards
Ticket release: Monday 14th of october at 12:01 on chalmers.it and on facebook
Afterpub: 23-02
Don’t forget legitimation!

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