Updates regarding kitchen and expansion of hubben

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Now the summer is over and as you can, unfortunately, see that the work on the kitchen has not begun. Since this is an important issue for many technologists and we have been told that some are worried that there will be no new kitchen, we want to update you on the situation.

The plans for the kitchen were not completed before the summer and have since been stalled due to vacations. The latest news we have received is that negotiations with the landlord as well as the property owner were ongoing. Neither have we received a final quote yet.

Regarding expanding hubben with an extra room, unfortunately, we have no news.

Even though things are slow, we are still determined to continue working on both issues.

The next update will come as soon as any of the projects develop.

If you have any questions, you can send them to styrit@chalmers.it

// styrIT trough William 'Gurgy' Levén

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