Pharaoh pub

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It was during the long summer, during P.R.I.T.’s rust week more exactly, that they found something ancient and forgotten. An old tomb clad in gold and lapis with turquoise jewels. In the middle of the tomb was an ornate sarcophagus, when they opened it they found what seemed to be the first pharaoh smurf.

Now P.R.I.T. invites you to an exhibit where everyone who wants to and is over 18, as the grave can be a bit frightening, can see what we have discovered.
The 5th of september 2019 from 17:01 to 02:00 Hubben 2.1 will open its doors. Do not forget to bring valid ID and Student union ID to gain entry.
Inside there will be drinks, both with and without alcohol, and food.

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