Magic the Gathering Draft

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While we are waiting for C20 (sometime next month by the way), DrawIT/DragIT presents a Modern Horizons draft! Those who know, know, but for those that do not know, this is what you need to know:

  • the format in question is draft: it is played with 3 boosters each, which is passed around the table
  • the set is Modern Horizons 1: it is a more complex set compared to the sets we have at our regular prereleases, but it should be manageable with some homework.

The date is a bit more flexible than usual, but preliminary 16/6. If you have concerns regarding the date, you can contact DrawIT; our goal is that as many as possible can play.

Place: TBA (probably EDIT)
Time: 13:00, 2019-06-16
Price: ca 200 SEK based on attendance

  • NOTE: it is free if you bring your own boosters
    Sign up: here

We will not be offering food, so come prepared!

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