Seeking graduates that want learn a modern tech stack and make a difference

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In cooperation with Opera
The Opera Software office in Gothenburg is located centrally next to Domkyrkan. Our engineering teams are building an exciting mobile payment product for the African market together with our Nigerian colleagues and are making a real impact in the everyday life of people that don’t have easy access to banking services.

We are growing our business rapidly and have sailed up as the second largest mobile money provider in Nigeria in a matter of months and will soon be ahead of the competition. To keep pace with the rapidly growing business needs we need to expand our excellent and international engineering team and we’re looking for newly (or soon to be) graduated engineers.

We would like you to join us for the journey to build the future of mobile payments, first in Nigeria and then across Africa. We’re confident we can help you take the step from graduate to world class engineer and become proficient in a modern tech stack.,%20SE&department=Payment#positions

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