Sp(h)eldag LP 4

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Games, analogue and digital
4/5, 12:01 - late, @Hubben2.1
Food will be served around 19:00


The "Sp(h)eldag" is approaching, and we promise you a day of fun for new and old alike. The Sp(h)eldag is a tried and true concept wherein Chalmers Game Societies get together to arrange twelve hours of entertainment.

We open the doors at around twelve o'clock, but will be allowing for drop-in the entire day. You can expect board games in the hundreds, an arcade cabinet, game consoles and Chalmers Championships (CM:s). This time around, we're competing in the old classic 7Wonders as well as everybodys favorit from Nintendo, Smash Ultimate!.

You can expect good turnout from the section, but we also encourage you to bring your friends -- everyone is welcome!

So, be there, socialize and have fun!

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