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Hi! Now is the time of year for Phaddring at IT. To be a Phadder means you are taking on the responsibility to take care of the new students during their first time here at Chalmers. It is crucial for the new students that they are taken care of properly and by humble and caring phaddrar when they first get here.

If you feel extra enthusiastic about phaddring this year, we in NollKIT recommend for you to apply for the role of PhadderBoss or Vice- PhadderBoss. This means that you, along with another person will be responsible for the group of phaddrar you are in. You will do most of the communication with us, NollKIT, and you will be leading the other phaddrar in the group. This comes with some benefits. You will have a guaranteed spot at the "finsittning" at the end of the reception, as well as having top priority at buying tickets that were not bought by the new students.

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