Aspiration kickoff for frITid and FanbärerIT!

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  • 26 Mar, 17:01-23:00
  • hubben 2.1
  • frITid, FanbärerIT

Tldr: -Asp kickoff for frITid and FanbärerIT 26/3! -Be There! -Beerpong tournament after with BYOB!

Hello! Now it’s is time for the best aspiration-period since the dawn of time! It is frITid and FanbäreIT on the menu and we are starting of with a joined asp-kickoff now next tuesday from 17:01. We will have one presentation each so you can get a better picture of what it means to be active in our committees. Afterwards we will have a question session and then we will end it with a beerpong tournament with BYOB!

frITid asperation information:

Two early dates to keep track of:
-Taco/planning evening on wednesday LV2 where the aspirants can hang out with us and have the opportunity to plan their very own
friday event! (LV3)

-Bounce tuesday LV3 where all are welcome! There will be a smaller fee. A entry form will be out latest in the beginning of the
coming week.

Additionally we will ofcourse also have our usual friday events where all the aspirants are free to come so that you can get a better
understanding of what it means to be frITid. :) Here you also have the link to our facebook event where we will publish information about the events, here you also find the full schedule:

FanbärerIT will have their schedule published at a later date.

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