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Study week 4 is approaching in which DrawIT will begin its "Aspning", i.e. a period dedicated to you that is considering a more active position in DrawIT where you will be able to get a feel for DrawIT's organisation. People who don't intend to actually join the DrawIT board are of course welcome as well, since these events will have a lot in common with our usual events.

Information regarding the events is listed here and on #aspa-drawit on the IT-slack, as well as IT's event calendar.


Study week 4:

  • Mon (11/2) 17:00 @Hubben2.1: Information dump, details regarding the Aspning as well as DrawIT's week to week work
  • Sun (17/2): gôtt hâng (hangout), cook some food, learn important trivia

Study week 5:

  • Wed (20/2): game night, preparation and practice
  • Sun (24/2): stock taking, plan for future purchases

Study week 6:

  • Wed(27/2): trial by fire, the aspirant's own game night
  • Sat (2/3): sp(h)eldag

Study week 7:

  • Wed (6/3): year meeting
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