Chalmers Championship in table tennis!

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Now it’s time for the Chalmers Championships in table tennis and it's arranged by us in frITid!

The tournament will be held in Ex-huset at Parkgatan 35 very close to Heden bus station. We will start at 09:00 AM. It will be a single tournament using a Monad system where you will always meet opponents with the same number of victories as yourself. This way everyone will compete against people at their own level and play roughly the same number of games. Towards the end we will also have a small playoff between the best players to determine a winner!

If you get hungry these is a small take away restaurant and a supermarket nearby.

We pay the cost for all attendees from IT. We have five guaranteed spots and will add more if we have space. The form can be found in the link below:

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    Tagga CM!!

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