DrawIT Ravnica Allegiances Prerelease

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The years keep coming, similarly to new magic-sets. DrawIT will be hosting the usual magic prerelease for Ravnica Allegiance on sunday the 20:th of January (2019, no more, no less).

The procedure is mostly the usual:

  • registration starts at 10:00 (be there early if you want a specific guild)
  • deckbuilding starts at 10:30-ish, and round 1 starts 11:00-ish
  • food will be served after round 2, 13:00-ish
  • the price is 230 SEK (+25 SEK for food), payed on site

However, we will NOT be sending a confirmation mail. Instead, we ask of you to contact us if you are unable to attend. This is in order to allow as many players as possible to play.

Sign-ups at bit.ly/drawit_rna

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