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Midwinter’s nightly frost is hard, brightly the stars are beaming,
Far in the distance a sitting. A sitting by P.R.I.T. and prosex.. A sitting for IT and TD alike. A christmas sIT-TDing!

P.R.I.T. and prosex. invites you to the last and cosiest sitting of the year on tuesday the 18th of december.

Time: Apertif at 18:01
Location: TBA
Pris: 90 kr
Dress code: Christmas (e.g. Ulgy Christmas sweater or Christmas decorations, etc.)

Ticket sales start at 12:01 on Tuesday, December 11th through the forms that will be linked on Facebook and Chalmers.it

The sitting is aimed primarily at IT-students and TD-students and will be held in Swedish. 18-year limit applies. Bring ID and student-ID.

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