Sp(h)eldag Study Period 2

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  • 8 Dec, 13:00-12:00
  • Basen
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  • Chalmers Spelföreningar


Woot! Sp(h)eldag* this Saturday, 8th of December @Basen! For those of you not familiar with what that entails; we will be offering a large selection of games, digital and analogue, as well as prestigious Chalmers Championships (CM). Everything arranged by various game societies from around Chalmers.

  • this is hard to translate
  • 100+ boardgames
  • console games
  • an arcade cabinet
  • CM in Dominion; the best boardgame you might've never played
    • Starting at 17:00

We hope that this sounds appealing! We'll be starting around 13:00 and keep the doors open until late.

We will be serving dinner for at a reasonable price.

If you can't show up this time, worry not! There will be another Sp(h)eldag LP3!

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