A Pub of Ice and Fire

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There is an old legend in Chalmers that tells of an event that only happens at the end of summer. P.R.I.T. invites you, old or new, to experience this legendary event, the LP1 Pub Crawl! We will be holding the door open for people from every kingdom in Chalmers on Thursday the 31st.

We'll be going back to a time when people wore nice metal hats on their heads. To a place where people fought over stiff chairs, and had neat mottos that they followed. So come along with us to this place; sit down and enjoy life while drinking lovely drinks and good beer, and listen to some fine people sing songs of ice and fire. (And Take On Me by A-ha.)

If you want to be kept up to date regarding the pubcrawl, make sure to download Eventappen! It will allow you to get a good idea of where the pubs are located, and how long the queues are, so in order to get the most out of your pubcrawl, get Eventappen!

Don't forget to bring both your Student Union ID and a regular photo ID, otherwise we can't let you in. Ages 18 and up. If you're bringing someone who isn't a student at Chalmers they'll need a guest pass, more info regarding that can be found at http://www.chs.chalmers.se/en/guest-pass

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