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Student division meeting LP1

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StyrIT welcomes you to the Student Division Meeting!

The meeting will start at 18:15 in HC1 October 5th. All members of the IT division are welcome to participate, speak and vote. If you want to attend and/or lift motions and are not fluent in Swedish, please contact StyrIT at

A summary of the meeting agenda can be found here: Meeting agenda

Badminton with frITid

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Come and play badminton with frITid this Friday 22/9 at 15:30!

frITid will bring a couple of rackets to borrow but please bring your own if you have one.

When: Friday 22/9 15:30 - 17:30
Where: Motionshallen in the Student Union Building

As usual, we will use the sauna and pool afterwards!
Come on, it will be fun!

Sp(h)eldagen LV 5

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The time for Sp(h)eldag is rapdily approaching, a well-proven and thoroughly enjoyed concept featuring a full day of games. A large part of Chalmers game societies will be arranging this get-together, together, where you can find an unhealthy concentration of games, both of the digital and analogue kind. This time the event will be held in Hubben 2.1. You will also be able to buy food for a modest price around 17:00.

Another important part of these sp(h)eldags are the Chalemers championships. This time around, the competition will be held in Carcassonne (19:00) and Super Smash Bros Wii U (13:00).

The entire thing is free and open for everyone.

Sp(h)eldag @ Hubben 2.1 - 30 september kl 12:00, be there!

Open Workshop with digIT

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Workshop Sign
Tjo IT-students!

Now that the school has started it's time to have some fun. Therefore, digIT will be hosting open workshops in Hubben every Tuesday.

Everyone is of course welcome regardless of whether you want to study, help with the section's services, develop on your latest hobby project or just meet us.

Where: Hubben 2.1
When: Tuesdays 17:01 (LV1-LV7)
How: With a computer!

Pizza is ordered at 17:31 so be sure to be there on time!


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The year is 1969, Vietnam is not very nice, flower powers, and Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar at Woodstock! Let your hair grow, wear your widest pair of jeans, a flowery bandana and your strangest and most colorful sweater and come to the most iconic fesival ever!

A ticket link will be posted Monday, September 18 at 12:00. Price: 90:- or 80:- for an alcohol-free ticket.
Aperitif outside Gasquen 17.31.

AfterGasque 22-03. Entry fee 30:- for students, 40:- for others. Student+1.
Don't forget your ID and student union card!

Finally Tuesday

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Come along and run with frITid!

Every Tuesday this semester (not during exam week) frITid will be arranging running sessions. It doesn't matter if you want to run alone or in group, want to become a competition runner or just keep up your training, you can join us either way! (I.e. everyone is welcome, no matter what level you are on.)

We will also be adding some variety to our running sessions. One week we will be doing intervals training and another week we will be running long distance.

We will also hold a contest that extends over the entire semester. We will explain more at our first session this Tuesday 19/9, so make sure to be there!

Where: Hubben, changed and ready
When: 17:30

Come on, it will be fun!

LaggIT is Hosting LAN PARTY!

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Are you also eager to game with your friends?

Maybe you want to sit down and study/code during the weekend?
Do you have a game you want to play with the others?
Do you also want to have some fun during the weekend?



LaggIT are now Hosting together with digIT, DHack and DrawIT

Our first LAN-party for this Semester

It's going to be a weekend with a lot of gaming and other fun stuff!
and Best of all!

It is FREE! :D

You can now sign up for this LAN-party on :)

Come on and join us for lots of fun now! :D

DrawIT's Ixalan Prerelease

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  • 24 Sep, 10:00-20:00
  • Hubben 2.1
  • DrawIT


"YarrRRRrrr!" as the vampire/merman/dinosaur pirate once said. As we see another Magic the Gathering release appearing on the horizon, DrawIT is as per usual organizing a pre release event here at Hubben 2.1. You can show up to play Magic without owning a single card and play for excellent prizes, such as Magic cards and honor.

Food is served during the event.

Price: 230 SEK

Sign-up >>here!<<



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